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  1. This coach is lost. The team sucks and he needs him to practice to put him in a game. He could be out for a year and play right away and by far be the best player on this awful team
  2. If and when he comes back he will play 20 mins a game and no back to backs. Was a waste of a pick this year
  3. He's afraid to shoot. He had lots of chances last night at open shots and just passed the ball to someone else. Confidence is shot. I also don't think he's playing as hard as he was earlier
  4. I don't dispute Bonds being a roid user. Your example of NFL players losing weight isn't a good comparison. Losing weighr vs muscle mas is very different. It's about muscle mass. Bagwell and Biggio look about half the size of when they played.
  5. Plenty of anecdotal evidence. Just look at the bodies of Bagwell and Bigiio during the early years and then compare them to when they played with Caminitti and were at their best. Pudge was outed by Canseco and plenty of stories about Piazza as well. I just think if you already let in a few questionable players already, let them all in.
  6. If character counts then a lot of guys wouldn't be in the HOF. How the hell did Ty Cobb get in? I don't think being an a** should preclude guys from getting in. I think the voting should be taken away from the media and given to former and current players. The media guys hold grudges and aren't objective. They never played baseball at a high level if at all. What qualifies them to vote on a player's ability? I have probably watched as much baseball as any of them but that doesn't make me an expert on who should or shouldn't get in. I think all the roid guys who were good enough should get in.
  7. I doubt it. LaVert didn't know until today. I doubt they wouldn't have told him if they knew
  8. I should have sat out this season. Fielding a team is like playing wackamole.
  9. This guy is piece of sh*t and a cancer to any team he's on. The Nets over paid for a headcase. What a stupid signing, If I were Nets mamagement I would try to trafde him for Harden right away.
  10. Baynes was terrible again last night while Boucher was sevicable. The fact that you think Baynes is a better player is laughable FVV and Siakam have plateued. They will not get any better than they were last year.
  11. Don't disagree but I think Boucher is a better option than Baynes or Len at this point
  12. I don't think Boucher is trash. i think Baynes and Len are trash. I don't know what game you werewatching but neither Len or Baynes could guard Embiid. All they did was fou; him. He shot 16 ft's/ Boucher could have done that and maybe scored some. Isn't Powell developed already. We know what he is. A 3 point shooter who isn't very good. I think the team overall isn't very good. Van Fleet and Siakam have plateaued. We know what they are. Nothing special. It's Lowry and then everybody else. They really miss Ibaka. Don't get me wrong. I don't think Boucher is anything special but I think he's a b
  13. They will continue to suck if they play the Baynes/Len combo at centre and if Powell continues to be garbage. I have no idea what Nurse is doing by not playing Boucher and Terrence Davis at all.
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