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  1. ESPN 10 team keeper league (9 keepers per team) H2H points league No Salary Cap Snake Draft Draft is 3/28 Team 1 (1st pick in the draft): https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=1051708527&teamId=9 Team 2 (4th pick in the draft): https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=1051708527&teamId=3 League Settings: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=1051708527
  2. As a Taylor owner... I’m at a loss, he doesn’t look like the same guy. He is much slower and isn’t reading well. That 3 and 1 carry, he ran right into his own lineman and stymied this own momentum. I maintain that it does seem like when he does get the call, defense is in the backfield. Some odd play calling too...
  3. Don’t know that it’s Burrow that needs to improve, I think he is doing well considering how terrible the line is. Seems like if he isn’t under pressure then there is an offensive hold or false start (from the line). Until that line improves, going to be tough sledding for Bengals.
  4. Burrow had a nice TD to Boyd nullified by a holding call. TD to Sample but Myles Jack just decided it was his ball and took it out of his hands. Box score doesn’t really do him justice. Could easily have been a 300 yard day with 3 TD. I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen from Burrow.
  5. Agreed, can’t worry about stacking Dolphins at this point... play your best hand.
  6. I’d probably roll Gaskin. Chargers are tough and I don’t see Freeman having a meaningful role this quickly. James White will get vultured by Cam and not getting PPR points hurts him a bit.
  7. Assuming this is redraft... Given the time frame that CMC is out, if I’m not deep at RB I’m trying to trade him. Yeah, I’d look to move CMC for CEH if the owner was willing to take that deal. If this is dynasty, nah... I’m not selling CMC when his value is down due to injury.
  8. Assuming this is redraft... high ankle sprain can linger, so there is no guarantee that he will be the same. considering that you added Moss, I would have tried to get more. Just out of curiosity, what were his other RB’s?
  9. Agreed, Jonnu is a stud... you aren’t giving up a whole lot by moving to Jonnu.
  10. I like the first deal then, if this was keeper then I’d rather trade for Taylor. Bell is suspect and Drake offers a good floor.
  11. Agree with the rest... don’t trade DK. I’ve been actively trying to acquire DK and can’t get owner to budge. Drake is solid but Murray is always going to be a threat to score when they get in the RZ and that will hurt Drake’s value.
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