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  1. That makes no sense in this debate. He is an asset. To say that that he isn't based on some philosophical argument about our freedom as Americans is ridiculous in this case. If you can't reason that, then that's on you. I'm done. Your argument belongs on the Philosophy 101 Message Board.
  2. All of you are forgetting a big-time rule in MLB. Managers are prone to do anything, no matter how stupid it appears to everyone else.
  3. You have to be trolling, right? If not, this might be the dumbest post of the century. Madbum is a multi-million dollar asset to his employer and can't be replaced by ANYONE. You or I could be replaced tomorrow without our employers missing a beat.
  4. I don't own him. But you can see he isn't the same pitcher he was in 2015 and early 2016.
  5. Well.....not too good today....is the time of Jake gone for good??
  6. They are? I don't see their lineup as all that intimidating anymore.
  7. Just messin with ya I have the years that I won my league engraved on my brain!!
  8. I like that you say "Flags Fly Forever", yet can't remember if you won! Classic.
  9. Agree about Quinn, but what makes you think he will be starting in MLB anytime soon? or even this season at all?
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