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  1. Thanks for the response. I'm unconvinced everyone in this thread would agree he's a top 30 or 36 player judging by everything that people are saying and his ADP across sites. I also don't think he's ever going at 57, but in the 30s is definitely possible which is late-3rd or early-4th round. For example, Fantrax ADP in non-PPR is 31 which puts him in the 4th round on average in 10-team leagues (and sometimes if he drops in 12-team) and going alongside Aaron Jones and Derrick Henry. He moves up to 28 in half point PPR which is not far from the 3/4 turn in 10-team leagues.
  2. 98% of these posts are talking about Damien as if he's going in the second round. On ESPN that's not true, on average. His ADP is 57 and he has dropped 5 spots in the last week. His auction value is $17 on average. He's going around players like Mark Ingram, Alshon Jeffrey, Cooper Kupp, Chris Carson, Kenny Golladay, and Baker Mayfield. I don't care if that won't happen in your league -- most drafts are against people who follow the listed rankings of the draft room and stick fairly close to the ADP of that site and it's rare for someone to reach 15+ spots on ADP in the first 3-
  3. I’m on the west coast so it’s hard for me to get a draft time that works with east coast people. Good luck!
  4. Email sent with an invite. I put this in the email, but for anyone else if Frank turns it down: The no trade policy is a relic from last year when there was another commish and there are a handful of people in the league who only play because of it so it's non-negotiable unfortunately. The reason listed is the one that he gave. It also puts a lot of trust in me (as commish) that I will veto unfair trades and make good rulings on them. I would, but you'd have to trust that I would. With $3K on the line, that's a lot of trust.
  5. I am running a 15-team Roto league on Fantrax with rules very similar to those of NFBC, with some small tweaks. We have 14/15 people paid. The remaining person registered but never paid and I can not get in contact with him. The draft is starting tomorrow March 16th at 8 am. If you are invited to the league you will have 1 hour to pay before another replacement will be found so please be ready to pay. You can use a credit or debit card on Fantrax with no fee. Lineups: Weekly Categories:
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