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  1. Hi there, I’ll take the Open Team barneygraham2010@gmail.com
  2. This is really close. You have to go Cooper. I also would go Pittman as HOU is bad v pass and they’ve lost their top CB. RB is tough...Jets have been better lately v run, but they’re not great. I’d lean Booker and consider Taylor at flex. I know he’s been very hot and cold. How much upside do you need? If you need more of a steady floor, I’d go Boyd in the flex. Good luck!
  3. I think you go with Drake. It’s close, but BAL looks to be getting healthy up front and Drake is benefitting the increased emphasis for teams on eliminating Murray’s running. I know LAR D is tough v run...but I think I trust him more than Zeke. But can’t fault you either way. Good luck!
  4. This is tough...if CEH is healthy, he’s in a good matchup...but he’s a GTD from what I’ve read. Murray’s shoulder issues have helped Drake as now defenses are keying on Murray running on the run-pass option plays. I go Drake on that instance. Good luck
  5. I like your lineup...I might consider Mitch...he’s dominated Lions in his career and it’s a must win for Bears. But can’t blame you for sticking with Ben.
  6. I actually think Kamara has a good game this week. Saints will need to put up points as I think Falcons are better on offense. Also go with Gibson, he’s on a roll. TE is close, but go Goedert. Good luck!
  7. I’m in the first round of the playoffs and the matchups are 2 weeks long. Thanks to Will Fuller and Antonio Gibson going off for my opponent and Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins putting up their worst weeks, I’m down 70 points and I need upside. Unfortunately, Murray and Hopkins face the Rams and Jalen Ramsey, seriously limiting their ceilings for big games. I need some help!! Scoring in this league is as follows - 10 points for all TDs 10 pt bonus for +300/100 yds passing/rec/rush 1 point per reception I have the following decisions -
  8. I would try Dobbins if you can. Getting Allen is ideal.
  9. I think it’s close and can’t fault you for going either way. I’d probably side with Chalk/Jonnu based on upside.
  10. I would be all over this one. AJ Brown might have some off weeks, but he’s a stud.
  11. Its close....can’t fault you for going either way, but I’d lean towards Breida.
  12. I think you have to side with CEH. RB are so scarce and Evans think a going to be up and down with all of the options in TB passing game.
  13. I definitely prefer McLaurin. He is the unquestioned guy in WAS. Woods is solid, but Kupp is involved with Reynolds/Higbee/Everett and Rams want to be a running offense.
  14. I take Lockett for sure. He’s a top 10 WR and TB is going to be crowded.
  15. I’m currently 4-4 and in need of some wins to make the playoffs in a 14 team PPR league. I have the opportunity to acquire Deandre Hopkins for Michael Thomas. Do I take this? My team - QB - Kyler Murray RB1 - Kareem Hunt RB2 - Jonathan Taylor WR1 - DK Metcalf WR2 - Michael Thomas TE - Noah Fant Flex -Marquise Brown Bench - Cooper Kupp, Kenny Golladay, Justin Jackson, Josh Kelley, Jordan Wilkins, JarMychael Hasty, Also, I’ve been offered Deshaun Watson for Kyler Murray. I’m tempted looking at Watson’s schedule - JAX
  16. Man....that’s a tough call. You might to wait until after pregame workouts to see if they release intel about the plan for Jones (ie, a snap count, etc)
  17. I think it’s close. You might be selling Zeke low as I think his perceived value is shot after his 2 fumble game. But I do see the upside in getting Kelce.
  18. I know Drake was great last game, but I think you go with Gio here. He’s been great whenever he’s been called upon to carry the load.
  19. I think I’d go Patrick, but keep an eye on the weather. Last I looked there was snow in the forecast.
  20. I do like Hockenson, but I think he’ll be up and down. As will Cam. I wouldn’t deal Gibson right now.
  21. I’d go with Jonnu. He’s the better talent. I know both are banged up, but I think you have to play Smith.
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