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  1. I took a dart throw at him late in our first Milb draft. Sometimes you get lucky.
  2. The Padres are obv going all in. Makes perfect sense to bring up Gore for the stretch run/playoffs IMO.
  3. Ok so is this a "he retains all his value for 2020" type injury? Or a "time to reevaluate his keeper status" injury?
  4. No love for a double dinger day?From a potential Top 20 SP in 2020? Dude is unreal. Top 20 bat past 30 days. Wow.
  5. He was somehow not kept or drafted in my main league. I scooped him up asap. If he keeps hitting like this I'm debating if he'll have more value as a hitter or pitcher next season..
  6. Any local updates? Asking for a weekly league friend.
  7. CBS is also speculating, reporting on the scratch.
  8. When is he scheduled to pitch next?
  9. I tried to catch him throw a few innings tonight but missed out. I was listening, the radio guys said he looked good, hit 97 a few times.
  10. Pitching is complex. Part physics, part psychology, part sabremetrics, part plain old hard work. Many top prospects never put it all together, many less heralded pitchers do.
  11. If Yahoo can't link two records together that's some pretty crappy data jockeying.
  12. So Boyd is a 2 starter for next week then?
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