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  1. Here here. Holding a Sandy/Pablo/Trevor three of a kind for '22
  2. What's your educated guess on his ranking for 22?
  3. Not for nothin' he's #25 over at Pitcherlist...
  4. Perfect timing as I just traded for him.
  5. **Confuses E. Hernandez threads, gets more coffee**
  6. Do we agree that the move to the Jays bumps his value down a bit?
  7. Wow. That breaking stuff is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  8. Anyone see his AAA game highlights?
  9. How high is his ceiling? Top 30? Top 20?
  10. No bump for this gem of a game? Who watched him and can summarize?
  11. I'm in too. RP elig in CBS is sweet.
  12. Ok who IS this kid?? Who watched him yesterday??
  13. Based on what evidence? Most people have very minor side effects, or none.
  14. I'm in. Can never have too much pitching esp this season.
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