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  1. I'm happy with Tanaka. glad he opted in. I would take him in any league, but no one wants to trade him
  2. 3 post season start is EXTREMELY significant
  3. I'm here Mr. Brown. Tanaka is an argument. let's see what happens. I am hopeful
  4. 20 IP 2 ER 18 K 0.90 ERA and WHIP in 3 post season starts. talk to me about it Mr. Brown hindsight is 20/20 he has been similar to 2017 up to May he was 5-5 with a 6.32 ERA through May last year. he is now 6-2 4.62 ERA yes, wins mean something. I'm sooooooooooo glad we have him
  5. where did you get $27 mil from? he makes $67 mil 3 years. or $22.3 mil. who would they get? Arrieta? He is the only one I wasn't sold on him either. who else was out there to get for $22 mil per? Even Arrieta makes $25 mil. Tanaka is a bargain at 3 years $67 mil I'd bet on Tanaka over Arrieta over next 3 years. Tanaka had an ok 2nd half and a great post season in 2017. I'm banking on him doing well ROS
  6. i'm glad he didn't we need the SP bad. he was good in second half last year. it's Severino and nothing
  7. he is not a long term solution in the yankee rotation
  8. I'm not so sure about that. Their pen is pretty crowded, once Warren returns this weekend. Assuming Cole gets sent down, they will still have Chapman, Robertson, Betances, Green, Kahnle, Shreve, Warren, and Holder and that's if they carry 13 pitchers. He will need another injury to a starter or a reliever to stick with the big club.
  9. Montgomery is actually pretty good, he is better in real baseball than in fantasy. I actually, think German is a GREAT start at Baltimore. They are next to last in the AL, in runs scored. At home they are 9th in the AL. That's not very good. Plus he will have a great chance at a win
  10. Remember when Monday was his big day of the week? lol It seemed like 2 years running
  11. the big question is will he go bowling tonight?
  12. yankee fan and a non owner this year. rooting for him to be healthy. One of my favorite players
  13. he did the last 3 batters. got up to 95 mph reached 94 and 95 on consecutive pitches. so your take is wrong no one. He was fine. unless there was a Fip or Zip, or Wally Pipp i need to worry about
  14. He has pitched 1 inning since April 11th. I'm guessing an injury, but have heard nothing. Just like Giles, when it came our after the fact, that he was injured
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