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  1. Fournette subject of trade rumblings.....Ozigbo time?
  2. Devine Ozigbo time in JAX? For dynasty?
  3. There needs to be summer school and Saturdays to make up this time. There could be no better lesson to teach our kids in grit and responsibility than by doing that. I'd abandon any pretense of distance learning and video learning at this point and advocate for school in July and six days a week whenever the most stringent social distancing rules are loosened.
  4. so, in other words, don't bother. Might as well just prep for fantasy football drafts at that point.
  5. Those Olympic villages are one giant orgy, from what I hear.
  6. Not only that, but a full season as well....Play into Thanksgiving (neutral WS site, if necessary due to weather), get rid of the All-Star break and sprinkle in some DH's throughout the year. I'm with you, my dude.
  7. I'm not disagreeing with your stance, necessarily, just the idea of using an Orwell quote to support it. When people are forcibly controlled by government in the face of an "enemy" whose magnitude is not really known but assumed to be worst-case, that's sort of the epitome of what 1984 was about.
  8. Associating an Orwell quote in support of a government-sourced hypothetical worst case for a virus is about as Orwellian as it gets.
  9. What does a "closed case" mean in terms of the data showing up on the Hopkins website?
  10. The sliver lining is the mortality rate is right around 1%. Keeping it there or lower would be good news considering the rates in most other countries. Not to mention all those who may have had it and showed no symptoms or those who had it, showed symptoms and didn't report them. We know those two scenarios probably exist, whereas it's pretty hard to not know who has succumbed to it so hopefully that 1% rate goes even lower.
  11. This is becoming the Christine Michael thread where the corona virus is Christine Michael.
  12. I'd rather watch Adam Silver sleep upside down than watch some pointless charity game. By all means, have the game, but it would be about as interesting as an All-Star game, maybe even less so.
  13. If they start by early May, and maybe extend the season until Thanksgiving you'd still have a shot at a pretty significant slate of games. Expand rosters by 3-4 guys and reduce some off days, All-Star break and sprinkle in some doubleheaders and maybe they even get in 162. Keep hope alive, my man.
  14. Really? So banning travelers from China well over a month ago was terrible?
  15. Mitchell was asympotmatic and Gobert recovered in a day (cause he's not elderly), so this probably means nothing. It's now almost lamer than a cold virus to an athlete except for some reason "testing positive" with no symptoms has become the bubonic plague.
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