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  1. I'll take Team Brinson marcwood.ladbrokes@gmail.com
  2. marcwood.ladbrokes@gmail.com I'll take a look?
  3. I'm in and paid! Draft order to be determined by order of payment right? Rewards commitment!
  4. I'll take the Mets please? marcwood.ladbrokes@gmail.com
  5. marcwood.ladbrokes@gmail.com I'll take Juuust a Bit Outside off your hands please? Thanks Marc
  6. I'll be in please? Well established on Fantrax and already playing some 4 team sports. Hockey is my blind spot but I'm learning! marcwood.ladbrokes@gmail.com Thanks Marc
  7. marcwood.ladbrokes@gmail.com I'll be in please? Maybe 10/12 teams more achievable? Either way, send me an invite please. Thanks
  8. Replied to your espn thread. I'll take one of your teams please?

  9. Hello! I'll take the second team in the first league please? marcwood.ladbrokes@gmail.com
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