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  1. NL Only. Looking for 1 owner to join established league. Live Auction Draft. $300 buy in; check out the league rules. Send your email to mikemiller10460@gmail.com for info
  2. i am interested. Send info to mikemiller10460@gmail.com. Where does draft take place? What stat service are you using?
  3. i am interested. Send info to mikemiller10460@gmail.com. one question - One of your categories is -1 for AB. So every game you will finish with approximately -32?
  4. would like to join - send email mikemiller10460@gmail.com
  5. Are the points accumulated for each game and does the winner get a win? Do you have rules? This is a mixed league? How is draft conducted?
  6. Are all teams involved in dispersal draft?
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