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  1. Maybe, but then again, you cant rear naked choke someone and AJ Green did and didnt get suspended.
  2. They will beat Cleveland, they are better all around then them. Rodgers will be back because he will win the remaining 3 for them. If he is cleared, he plays.
  3. THIS GAME HAS GOTTEN SOFT! Ahh, that was refreshing.
  4. Sure, but I also shared the same view in the JuJu thread...I like violence in my game, like it was intended. I am more of a disgruntled football fan. Game has gotten soft. You act like a game of gotcha matters to me. I am a Gronk owner and bitter he got suspended, now whats your rhetoric after I admit it? See, thats why people call it trolling. I refer to it like Eminem in 8 mile, you take away the insults they cant use them. I have no morals when it comes to this game, I am a fan who is out for me. Like I said, the difference is I admit it, others dont. I do expect G
  5. Oh, yeah... I care about my players only, not those who do not benefit me. Sucks I am without him, good thing I have Graham in that league. But why do we constantly want to pretend sports fans care about everyone? We dont. I know the NFL plays on Sunday, but this isnt church.
  6. So because my view is different than yours and I enjoy violence in the game its trolling? Defend your point better instead of just use your fake morals, if you had real morals your argument would be better and you wouldnt be attacking me. Do you know how easy it is to expose someone with fake morals... They say how a hit is dirty blah blah blah, then when someone disgarees with them, they attack them...but wait, those morals! Fake people, you can own them in arguments daily!
  7. Not football, then why did a rear naked choke followed by a body slam and 12 punches not get someone suspended? A rear naked choke, body slams and punches are actual MMA moves, but go on with your fake morals... See the predicament you put yourself in when you try to defend the indefensible? A forearm shiver can not and should not warrant a suspension if a rear naked choke, body slam and punches didnt. Also, doesnt change the point that people dont care, they just wanna pretend the do because thats what is expected.
  8. Watching this whole thing on twitter, TV and the boards unfold the past couple days... One thing I have learned is there is no shortage on fake outrage, fake morals and people who say things because its whats expected. Should not have been suspended if AJ Green can rear naked choke hold. Yes, the NFL gave up a lot of justification in suspensions like this when you allow Green and Ramsey to not get suspended when they didnt even show remorse. A rear naked choke and body slam is not as bad as an elbow? OK. Am I to think a broken neck is any less then a e
  9. If the Packers can win against TB and CLE to win 7 games, Rodgers has a good chance to win the final 3 if he comes back week 15. They have a shot at 10-6.
  10. Both Saints RBs perform, why cant both Vikings RBs? The volume is there and both are decent RBs.
  11. His talent wont matter as long as Mariota keeps sucking.
  12. After a bad week in which his QB went down and they got behind the Rams big early? You must be good at this football stuff, eh?
  13. Yeah, you would have missed his 120 plus and 2 TD game, dont forget he got one of those and not just this past stinker. So many bad owners on this site. They rather have Derrick Henry, lol.
  14. People who know football know what happened that game. As far as bad QB play, how has Ajayi done with Cutler? or for QB sake, how has Hilton done with Brissett? QB means everything. Also, Larry Fitz got shut down that game as well... This is nothing new, people doubted Zeke after his 8 yard performance against Denver. Its about what your eyes tell you is happening, not what you want to see. This offense will run through Peterson, and Peterson has not lost a step, he is a hoss. Period.
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