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  1. Lonnie you get the invite? Hugo messaged me and told me for you to check. It’s an awesome league!!!!
  2. I’m in. Trageisdangerous@gmail.com. Text me if you want 3049632333
  3. Not interested in any other format on any other site. Trageisdangerous@gmail.com
  4. Not sure if I’m already in this league but if I’m not trageisdangerous@gmail.com
  5. If I was a betting man he likely did refund your money and you don’t deserve to get anything back after trying to cheat. And who tries to cheat a league that has been going on for 14 years? Obviously Hugo doing something right. I’m just glad TK posted pics of payments so liars like you get exposed. If there’s still a spot left in the league it’s awesome. Anyone would be lucky to join.
  6. All of you trolls need to stop lying. This league has been rolling for a nearly decade and half and we haven’t had any issues. Hugo pays out every year and has never not come thru. We don’t want you trolls in our league if you are creating drama. No league is like ours.
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