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  1. please - need one manager to take over team. Draft is tentatively for Monday July 20th at 9pm. Keepers will set earlier in the day. $25 buy in but that can be waived. ESPN 10 teams 5x5 roto I believe traditional ESPN active lineup 7 keepers Sanchez, Baez, Stanton, Strasburg, Chapman among potential keepers Thank you
  2. Looking for 1 more owner! Draft is Wednesday. Great league!
  3. Looking for a couple owners for a third year keeper league. ESPN $25 buy in - leaguesafe 10 teams, 7 keepers, 5x5 roto OBP instead of BA, QS instead of wins If you have any questions, please don't hesitate. Thanks
  4. 2nd yr league. ESPN. Roto. 10 team. 7 keepers. Keeper set 3/24. $25 buy in. Good team to take over. Will send roster to those interested. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.
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