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  1. Couldn’t disagree more. I chose not to cut bait because there was absolutely no risk in keeping him after his start. That’s like saying people that owned him last year benched him after his torrid start. You don’t cut first round picks unless they’re out for the year, and if you do, then you abide by a strategy I never will. I offered him plenty for 70 cents on the dollar, no takers. It worked out for sure, but in no reality did I think he would continue to be as bad as he started.
  2. Guy has been pretty consistent as of late. Deep leagues could do way worse
  3. Dude has done nothing but produce. Riding the hot streak.
  4. Ah gotcha. Thanks for the heads up. Own him in a deep 16 teamer.
  5. Since the Deshields demotion, he's been batting second and playing CF mostly right?
  6. I meant overall. We've played ~ 20% of the season. Plus if you are trying to buy him, which people should be, it's an even easier concept to understand. You only have to count the stats YOU get from him. Take Bellinger for example. No way i'm looking to buy on him because there is no way he hits .400. So in reality you're actually buying his regression stats for an all time high price. As of right now I firmly believe he still finishes as a top 10-15 overall hitter. Sure I could be wrong, but no way am I selling.
  7. He also could still easily finish top 10.
  8. Yea he looked good yesterday no doubt. Fastball consistently 97 touching 99 at times with good control. Slider was dirty. Hope it continues, kid is fun to watch.
  9. Yea I had to take advantage of the bats, pitchers were rolling. Agreed on the arms. Already trying to work a deal for buehler. Hope that pans out.
  10. That's actually exactly what I am saying...that i'm not concerned. And I also don't think he drives in 70-80 or scored over 100 runs. That's Benintendi. Probably the furthest from freaking out.
  11. I saw the spring stats. Didn’t shy me away from him. I just think some of you have different expectations than I do. I feel like now there’s so much fantasy information that people confuse what a late round flier with potential means. Sure I’d love .275 with 18 hr and 30 sb. But I’ll also gladly take the same avg with 12-14 hr and 20-25 sb for where I drafted him. I just want draft day profit, not expecting top 100 numbers. Will gladly take them, but not expecting. Now in 3 weeks if he’s still throwing up 0-5 with 3ks, I’ll be concerned. But game one in a place I’m assuming he’s never
  12. I mean it’s game one guys. My god. Even if he moves down in the lineup, his defense keeps him in the lineup regardless. Game 1 in Tokyo and we begin to “hope he turns it around”? Man. Tough crowd
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