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  1. He's sneaky fast. He could swipe 3 or 4 bases if he leads off all year.
  2. I don't think he'll lead off for them all year. As a fantasy owner, I'd prefer to see him in the 2 or 3 spot anyway. Let him get some RBI for crissake!
  3. I think he could hit 30 HR and still not live up to the pre-season hype.
  4. I agree, if you can grab him late. I've seen him go WAY too early in a few leagues though.
  5. Korean pitching is better than you think. 40 homers in Korea = about 75 here. I think Bonds' record could be in serious jeopardy. Ok, not really. I think the power is legit though. If he gets every day ABs, he could make a legit run at 30 homers, though his supporting numbers may be a bit of a disappointment.
  6. I mean, he's no Larry Bird. He can probably post up better than him though. 18 homers and a high OBP and be happy with it!
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