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  1. Golladay not on the field that first drive of the third quarter
  2. Giants minus janoris Jenkins and baker who’s been getting raped all year . Low end wr2 / high end wr3 next week
  3. How many of your 2,866 posts have been related to dogging nick Chubb man? Every time I jump into this thread, you’re jumping on this guy with your pro Hunt agenda. Get a life brotha
  4. Concussion protocol so no one knows . It’s his second concussion on the year, so they could be cautious w him
  5. I’m rolling him with confidence with russ on a bye . Hoping for a 250 and 2 type of floor
  6. I like the fact that he’s on a bye this week... still could slip through the cracks a tad / might be able to snag him with a lower faab bid
  7. I’d trust my very good defense vs a bad offense to make them convert the 2
  8. Yup they keep scheming him on the outside vs Sherman for whatever reason
  9. Ummm... no . For his size , he’s amazing at everything... but he’s worse than freeman in pass protection
  10. Because Lindsay isn’t as good in pass pro and the Oline can’t block anyone
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