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  1. Still open, just need your email to send the invite.
  2. 10 Team Roto Dynasty Each year you can keep up to 22 players (full roster). The keepers you select, from 0 to 22 will take up that many picks. So if you keep 16, your first 16 picks will be used by keepers. We do have owners that choose to keep less and enter the draft. We have owners that keep their entire roster. Your choice. League has been active since 2008. Settings Teams Available Albuquerque Isotopes Captain Kirk Drafting Sunday March 28th @ 8PM EST If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  3. Invites sent, welcome to the league. All teams taken.
  4. Still looking for replacement owners for Tag Em and Captain Kirk.
  5. No fees. Tag Em and Bag Em 2 and Captain Kirk are the only two teams remaining.
  6. Need three replacement owners, the teams are at the bottom of the league and too far out to really have a chance this year. Great fixer uppers. 8th The Black Holes 9th Captain Kirk 10th Tag Em and Bag Em 2 League Settings Keepers: The roster size is 22 players and you can keep as many of those 22 players year after year as you like. The way it works if you decide to keep say only 5 players, is your first 5 draft picks will be slotted for those keepers. After that, your draft begins in the 6th round. You can keep any number of players from 0-22. So if you ha
  7. Is there an app out there that works for these forums? I tried Tapatalk but all it brought up for me was a bunch of 3rd party forums.
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