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  1. one owner looking to join a standard 10 team league for $100 or more.
  2. interested in a H2H league, snake draft. no more than 12 teams. Please send contact if theres any openings.
  3. 12th year running for this league but two people had to drop out. It's $268 per team w/ total prize purse of $2,500. $180 to pay for CBS Commissioner league. The details are below. Send me your email if you want in. I'll set up a LeagueSafe for payment which must be made as soon as you sign up. You can Venmo or Paypal as well of course which I'd prefer if you feel comfortable once you join lge. Thanks!
  4. we have 4 so far, need some help filling it up. Please send email address and ill send you invite. thank you.
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