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  1. I have Paddack in my dynasty league but am looking to move on before his downward trend continues.. He is currently behind scherzer, kershaw, lynn, ryu, burnes, peralta, lamet in my rotation so im just looking to get a nice sp return to help me this season (I'm defending champ with good chance to repeat). Would you move Paddack for Strasburg even with his terrible start last night? Or do I wait to see if him rubbing his shoulder was nothing serious? Thanks!
  2. I would keep Grisham and Paddack. I like your SP and think Grisham will help your offense over some of the guys you currently have starting. Help with mine?
  3. Forgot to mention it is 30 man rosters so league is pretty deep
  4. If you have no closers I'd go with Fairbanks Help with mine?
  5. I would keep Hicks Help with mine?
  6. Agree with this.. Help with mine?
  7. Stay put with Bichette.. Help with mine?
  8. Yelich for sure! Help with mine? https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/846823-dalbec-for-singer-or-j-montgomery-in-roto-dynasty-whir/
  9. Dalbec is currently a bench player for me so he won't be getting in the lineup much. Would you move him for Singer or Monty to get pitching help or do you think he is worth more? Roto dynasty league Thanks and WHIR
  10. Been stashing Carlson in my 5x5 roto dynasty league and he's finally up but just got offered Yas for him. Yas looked legit last season and doing even better so far this season. Would you guys pull the trigger on this? Thanks!
  11. Would you trade Moose for Sano in a 5x5 dynasty league? I currently have Moose and would be getting Sano. I have Alonso at 1b and Hiura at 2b so either one of Moose or Sano will be playing 3b for me. WHIR Thanks!
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