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  1. Didn’t watch it but saw the line. It’s a long season and the guy was a top 100 pick 2 weeks ago.. feels like a nice buy low.
  2. Who would you rather have ROS? 7 pitching categories (QS, K, BB, SV, HD, ERA, WHIP). Luzardo owner just rage dropped and Montas is the last SP on my bench.
  3. Walk don't run? Bases clearing double in his debut at the 5 spot. Guzman has flopped in multiple chances and Texas is in need of a jolt in the middle of their lineup. Feel like he's the highest upside guy in waivers in most leagues (12 and below), I'm going to take a stab and see where it leads.
  4. Apparently the timetable dropped to 4-5 months.. It'd be smart to pick him up and stash in leagues with multiple IL spots, I just scooped him in my 3-IL league. No harm in holding him there until multiple injuries force your hand. If he comes back on the early end of that timetable, you get 8 weeks of 4th round value for free.
  5. It's his ceiling efficiency-wise, but I still think he has more to offer with volume. He's still getting eased back in playing 26 MPG. I can see him getting more PT and a higher usage if he keeps playing this well.. closer to the role they had for Oladipo/what they had planned for Levert. He's clearly their best wing player on a team where that's been a high-impact role in the past (although usage upticks for Brogdon/Sabonis make it a little less certain).
  6. I think I'd do it.. Boucher has forced Nurse's hand at this point, he's getting his 25-30 mins a night unless he falls off a cliff or gets hurt. Add in SGA for steals, well-rounded play, and unrealized upside, and I think I do it. Help?
  7. Both are on Waivers.. who would you rather have going forward? 10 team ESPN standard scoring points league. Position is irrelevant, could use either.
  8. Now, put Portland to the top of the list of teams we'd want to see him go to.
  9. Any teams he could go to and have a similar role/playing time out there? Charlotte, SA, Boston, Washington come to mind.. but only Boston (and maybe Charlotte) would be buyers of that group. Makes no sense for the most wing-starved team in the league to get yet another big..
  10. Would it be worth passing on the unrealized upside of Wiseman for JJJ? Have a hungry Warriors fan in my league that essentially just offered me him in a 1-for-1 deal (with 1 IR spot). Wonder how the Morant injury will affect him, have to think it will raise his usage but may lead to less open looks.
  11. Not sure if I'm overreacting to a small sample size but are we sure Cleveland is trash? If this Garland transformation is for real (probable), Sexton shot selection/efficiency actually improved (less probable), adding Okoro who looks like a legit NBA level athlete and wing defender.. The fits are dicey at times with Nance/Love/Drummond sharing the court and they need more wings, but a 3-0 start is nothing to scoff at.
  12. Is that true? Bills are two games back with two to go, and the Chiefs beat them head to head, which I thought was the tiebreaker (may be wrong). The Clyde injury may have them even more cautious. Cousins on Xmas day? Mariota vs Miami?? Woof.
  13. I think I’m going Mostert. Wilson will get more work than anyone else in PIT, but Mostert could easily break a long one agains Dallas. Could see PIT randomly changing Their offensive philosophy A bit in this matchup heading into the playoffs, but tough to bet on it. help?
  14. I'm taking Sony in non PPR. He's got a far better chance to fall into the end zone. Bradberry wouldn't have been guarding Landry much anyway I don't think, he doesn't travel into the slot. White is also banged up for NE. Help?
  15. Jefferson as well, torched CHI earlier this year and is home in the dome, where he's been best. Help?
  16. .5 PPR, need to sit one of Miles Sanders, James Robinson, or JK Dobbins. I am also starting Akers, but he's the one I'm most confident in. Projected to lose by 8 right now, had Diggs but played against Allen and Jacobs, so need upside. Robinson @ BAL - Had one of his worst games of the season last week but still ended up with 10 points. Baltimore can be run on, and I have no doubt Robinson will get his floor of 80+ yards with a shot at a TD. Just fear that his upside isn't high enough in this matchup, have a feeling it will be a very slow paced game, and that the BAL O will keep th
  17. Bills fan here.. The Bills #'s are pretty bad against TE's this year on the surface, but a lot of that is a result of Matt Milano missing 6 games. While relatively unknown to casual fans, Milano is one of the premiere coverage LB's in all of football, and has been since he was drafted out of BC (as seen by the Bills shutting down TE's every year leading up to this year). Of the stats below, he didn't play in Week 2, 5, & 6, and left early in Week 4, which represents their worst showings against TE's all year. He also went on IR from Weeks 9-12. 2 @Mia
  18. The Jets matchup just got a whole lot easier with the firing of Gregg Williams imo. Williams is notorious for stacking the box and controlling the LOS to the detriment of his pass D, putting his corners on islands (as we saw at the end of the LV game). He almost always takes a strong run D with him wherever he goes. The team could stick to his philosophies for the last quarter of the season, but I could see this being an easier matchup than the Jets have been this year.
  19. He's back to a limited practice after missing 3 of the last 4 games. Rudolph got hurt (foot) last week and has had 2 straight DNPs, so he'll likely be ruled out. If he's healthy, I think he could put up a strong week against a TB defense that can likely limit Cook, and that gives up points to TEs. Cousins has had a strong 2nd half of the season.. could see a big Irv breakout in the last quarter of the season if this injury keeps Rudolph on the sidelines long term.
  20. Feels backwards but I go McKissic and Coutee. I think McKissic catches 7+ balls, Conner hasn't played in weeks, and the Bills run D is much improved from early in the season. Claypool started losing snaps last week to Washington after his clutch catch against BAL week 12, and Washington shined last week as well with a long TD. I think that split continues as Claypool/Washington play a similar role in the offense. Conner/McKissic is close, Coutee for sure. Help?
  21. Jarvis has been trending up, but I'd say Hines. LV can't stop anyone or anything, I take a chance on Hines' upside and see him getting into the endzone. Help?
  22. I think I side with the above poster, Woods and Amari. But it's very close with Akers. I could see the Rams running the ball a ton tonight, making both Akers and Henderson viable. Upside I go Akers/Cooper, floor I go Woods/Cooper. Help?
  23. I'm between all 3 of those RB's for 2 spots as well, and would say Dobbins is the one I'm most comfortable in. SF looked terrible on MNF, and MIN can put up some points. I'd go KC. Help?
  24. I'd lean Brady for the floor. MIN corners can be burned. I see a 300 yard and 2+ TD day. ARI has looked bad for weeks and would have lost 5 straight if not for the Hail Mary. Teams have been focused on stopping Murray on the ground, and it's stalled the Cardinals offense. I actually think it has more to do with Kliff than Kyler, as the offense is quite vanilla outside of the bells and whistles motion plays. Giants D looks like no joke. Thanks for mine.
  25. I say CEH too. You at least know he’s the guy, and MIA can be run on. Akers could have 20 carries or 6. help?
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