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  1. Starting up a Dynasty league, had success with a similar format last year. Hoping to start drafting today or tomorrow, so please pay asap. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX, 1 SF 15 Bench for 25 total roster. Will be 2 IR and 2 taxi for rookies as well. Draft pick trading will be allowed, deposit necessary to trade 2021 picks. Link to join: https://sleeper.app/i/Qawog61JaL7w Links to pay are in the sleeper chat.
  2. Interested. Been looking for a redraft IDP league to get my feet wet. Lman18@hotmail.com
  3. Didn't you have a super confusing situation just like this blow up in your face last week?
  4. I got my refund. There were still two I saw who hadn't yet. Hopefully they put their tickets in.
  5. What's the fee? I may be interested in the Harley Quinn team.
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