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  1. DRAFT TONIGHT AT 8:30. One person is being unresponsive and I am willing to refund their money and replace with someone who wants to join. $100 Entry 12 Team $260 budget Auction Redraft FAAB Budget 5x5 H2H - OBP instead of AVG, QS instead of W, and S+H instead of S Drafting on ESPN and playing the season on Fantrax. Drop your email if interested
  3. We have one spot available in a 12 team Fantrax auction redraft league. Its a $100 though. If that isnt a dealbreaker for ya, post your email and I will shoot you the link
  4. Jigsaw - I changed it to where free agents clear every day at 10am with a $100 FAAB budget. That way its not a first to the scene like you said.
  5. Changed it. Check it out and let me know if ya like it. I hear your points and essentially wanted that to be the case We are doing a 1 year redraft this year and then taking the active, deserving players that want to do a keeper the following year. So ya in??
  6. Correct. FAAB on waivers and the FA are free $100 FAAB budget for year
  7. Here you go. Pretty sure it matches all 4 of your needs. Check it out and if you are in, pay the 100 in the fantrax treasurer. https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=xggctp3ykl8qkois&isSubmit=y
  8. I have an auction league on Fantrax that drafts on Thursday if you want to join and not have to be commish. $100 entry through Fantrax Treasurer H2H Cat - 5X5 OBP QS S+H drop your email if you want to check it out
  9. Looking for 1 more! Draft is Thursday at 830ct, who wants in!! 12 team Fantrax Auction 5X5 H2H - OBP QS S+H $100 entry through Fantrax Treasurer
  10. Looking for 1 more! Draft is Thursday at 830, who wants in!!
  11. Ha! Yes. Still have one more spot available. We made it a 12 team if you want in
  12. https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=xggctp3ykl8qkois&isSubmit=y Here is our link. 12 man Auction 5X5 OBP QS S+H It is H2H but we do categories so a week might be a 7-3 instead of just a win or loss. $100 buy in through Fantrax Treasurer. Check it out and stay if you want to join or leave if its not for ya. We draft Thursday April 1st at 6:30
  13. Bump, still looking for some fantasy players wanting to join an active league
  14. Have heard unbelievable things about Fantrax and wanted to do a redraft league on the site prior to making a Keeper league. Looking for communicative, active members who are new or veterans of Fantrax that either just want the one year gig, or have been looking for a cool core of people to run a keeper with. 10 Team $260 budget. FAAB Budget 5x5 H2H - OBP instead of AVG, QS instead of W, and S+H instead of S Draft is Thursday Aug 1st 6:30 Central Looking for 3 more players to join our 7. Please inquire if you want the link to the league to check out settings.
  15. hey bud your draft is scheduled for 30 min from now and you still have a spot open. would you throw me an invite please? asicsavers@gmail.com
  16. still looking for an espn auction draft if you still have one available
  17. If you are using league safe, I’m in. PM me for email
  18. Interested. Can you send me an email letting me know if its still open? The league looks full...
  19. Curious in your league and the setup. Time works as well. Could you send me the link to your league? I would like to take a look at the settings ASICSavers@gmail.com
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