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  1. Who to flex in a .5 ppr league: Darrell Henderson Tee Higgins CeeDee Lamb D.J. Moore Josh Kelley Leaning Higgins but I could be swayed a number of directions
  2. Started Hopkins and Fuller in title game I'm so ******.
  3. Which two to start out of these 3? Half point PPR. Hopkins is my WR1 FYI
  4. .5 ppr I am ahead at the moment but I will need 10-12 pts to feel comfortable.
  5. I have an owner willing to straight swap Davante Adams for Marlon Mack. Seems like I should be pulling the trigger on that. Though it would leave me very thin at RB. Thoughts? Here is my team... QB Watson RB Chubb RB Mack WR Hopkins WR Schuster FLEX Breida TE Waller BENCH: AB :*( Chark, James Wash, Justin Jackson, Ronald Jones, Justice Hill
  6. Only have 1 DL spot which is currently being used for Thor. Who is more worthy of it in a redraft roto? (no fantasy playoffs, end of regular season = end of our season).
  7. Oh pitches the 9th with a 5 run lead. Clean inning with 2 k's. Still holding Rosie.
  8. Obligatory you are welcome for his sudden success the day after I cut him post.
  9. Curious if anybody in a 14 teamer can chime in on if he is available or drafted and held?!?!
  10. I drafted him in 12 teamer no NA spot and have held all year. The rest of my hitting has been insane so it has afforded me that luxury.
  11. He needs more love. Villar going to the DL was a blessing in disguise.
  12. No buzz about an imminent call up? I remember reading late June seemed likely before the injury but now I don't know. I drafted and have held all long in a 12 team non-keeper so I'd hate to give up on him now but my injuries are stacking up.
  13. He breezed through the Red Sox tonight. While we are all speculating on young pitchers we should probably pay more attention to this boring yet reliable vet.
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