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  1. I'd be interested. How many more are you needing (mostly I'm curious about the likelihood of drafting tonight)?
  2. I’m interested. How many teams? What kind of draft?
  3. I'm interested. What is the next order of business for the league? It looks like there's an upcoming draft?
  4. Looking for a league (any format) that's drafting tonight any time after 7. Prefer paid league.
  5. And to be clear, KAT would be $25, Kawhi would be $43, and KP would be $11? im in with the reality that I have limited evening availability during the week. If that’s problematic for the draft, I’ll not jump in. Mattcasada@gmail.com
  6. Can you give me a sense of how competitive these teams are in comparison with other teams in the league? I'd be interested but don't want to come in flying blind.
  7. The title says it all. Standard Roto League on ESPN. $50 entry via leaguesafe. Hoping to draft Sunday, October 13th at 2 PM est. 5 keepers each year at +$5 previous year draft cost. Players added via waiver can be retained for FAAB bid +$5. Payout is as follows: 1st Place: $300 2nd Place: $200 3rd Place: $100 https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/settings?leagueId=27215753&view=summary Reply here or email me: mattcasada@gmail.com
  8. I’m looking for to join a league drafting this weekend (auction draft, either roto or points, and cost $25-$75).
  9. Looks like the link is set to private. Can you open it up or describe the setting (points, roto, cat? Snake vs auction? Draft date?)
  10. I’m interested, but having a hard time seeing the team. Could you re-send the link or post a pic?
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