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  1. Thanks for the input guys. Yes, the 17th round pick is the 3rd round pick after keepers (keepers are rounds 1-14). P.S. My 1B keeper is Freddie Freeman, so I would only be using Goldy as UTIL.
  2. Goldy is turning 34 at the end of this year. The main reason why I don't think I should do this trade is because Goldy's prime years may be gone and he is a declining asset in a keeper league. Any other opinions?? But, to play devils advocate, is Hader and Gausman really better than Goldy's next 3 years?
  3. Rufflemaster you must have misunderstood. I own Hader and Gausman. The question is should I trade those 2 for Goldy?
  4. I'm in a 16 team keeper league (keep 14 forever). I currently own Hader and Gausman. I've been offered Goldschmidt & 17th round draft pick, for, Hader and Gausman. The only thing holding me back is Goldschmidt's age. He seems to be a little past his prime now and I expect he will be slowly declining in the upcoming years. I'm not overly excited about a declining asset in a keeper league. Hader has been gold for me and I hate to give him up. But, this trade is enticing. Please let me know your thoughts.
  5. I'm in a 16 team deep keeper league (keep 14 every year). The league tends to value younger players more than usual, so upside MILB players are a hot commodity. My team is in position to win this year, but I also like to keep the best talent. I've got a good team and I'm basically going to keep an SP5 for my 14th keeper. These are my choices for my 14th keeper - who would you keep and why: Kevin Gausman, Joe Musgrove, David Price, or Matt Manning. My first re-draft pick will be at the end of round 15, so there's a good chance that whoever I don't keep will get drafted before I can r
  6. I'll take Carlson, Lynch and Severino.
  7. You won by not making that trade. Keep Arozarena.
  8. Counter offer with a 4th or 5th round pick instead and hold firm. If he wants DeGrom he'll do it.
  9. If you're willing to give him up Kelenic then i would make him over pay BIG TIME to get him (not Dylan Moore). Who cares if some other manager wants him. If it were me i'd just keep Kelenic because you may not win this year anyway and Kelenic may help you win next year. For me, I wouldn't mortgage my team's future just to try and win this year. Good luck.
  10. If you could get Manning dirt cheap, then I would definitely trade for him now. Once he gets MLB exposure his price will most probably jump up.
  11. Do any of you Cubs fans think Brailyn Marquez will do something good this year on the varsity team?
  12. Agreed, if you're talking about Bohm for only the 2021 season. MUCH different analysis if you're in a keeper or dynasty league.
  13. I may have missed some of the water cooler talk, but has anybody heard when ESPN is going to complete its annual update and get 2021 started?
  14. He should get 600 AB and I think he's ready to take off. I agree that 28 HR may be a reach for him. Just a hunch based on his upside. But I like his career line on BA, OBP and OPS (including minors too). He's a big dude that makes contact and should eventually hit them over the fence.
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