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  1. Except guys like Trent williams and AJ Green weren't traded
  2. Barkley sought out 2nd opinions too and he's already back this week
  3. As a year long Goedert advocate and current owner....this is way too good to be true I want to believeeeeeee
  4. You're a complete joke This guy has already been proven of choking out this same girl when she was pregnant with this same kid
  5. That was really asked and that was his response
  6. "So you're saying someone hurt this child but you just can't prove who did it?" "That's correct" uh oh
  7. He'll get off clean. Since when do they hold press conferences BEFORE charging somebody?
  8. So what are your thoughts on this guy for championship week now that Josh Gordon is gone? CSB desperate for a WR2 plug in, is this the guy to grab?
  9. RB can make a huge impact for sure. But Zona had a good coach and Palmer at QB. Dallas has the best line in football. Cleveland consistently year after year makes decisions that leave people scratching their heads. Forgetting to call in a trade to the league office...what?
  10. Because generally RBs are wasted if the rest of the core pieces in offense arent in place. Cleveland has been atrocious for so long they're going to blow a high pick on a mega talent RB who could thrive elsewhere but probably will be neutralized for years in CLE, especially if they cripple him with these inept offense minds they're already talking about bringing in
  11. Cleveland would be selfish to draft him. You start interviewing Macadoo for OC, have Mularkey as a consideration, and want to bring on a mega talent RB in when you can't even hit on a QB for decades?
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