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  1. Which "secure industry leading escrow site" are you using? What type of draft and when?
  2. I could probably take over this team if you haven't found someone yet. I'm in lots of leagues so I'm always active. stevenhiggs8@gmail.com
  3. I wish this was a hockey league. This is exactly what I would look for in a very deep fantasy hockey league. Unfortunately, I get sick of baseball by August so I couldn't do this type of baseball league.
  4. This also sounds like something I would be interested in, but only if it's a paid league (through a safe source).
  5. I totally agree that free leagues are pointless and not much fun, but needing replacement owners has NOTHING to do with money. ALL dynasty/keeper leagues at some point will need to replace orphaned teams. Lower stakes dynasty/keeper leagues actually have fewer orphans because it's not as much of an investment. For higher stakes dynasty/keeper leagues, I find that it's best to join an established organization that has multiple leagues and lots of members (dynastysportsempire.com is an example). They have rules in place to discourage orphans and plenty of member to find replacements without hav
  6. I find that for dynasty leagues, it's best to find a well established organization that has lots of leagues, participants, clear and enforced rules, a communication platform, etc. DSE (dynastysportsempire.com) has always been great for me. I just do hockey and baseball, but they have other sports too. They aren't the only one out there. There are others and most of these organizations don't advertise. They succeed off of word of mouth. Anyway, no matter what, there will be some people who abandon their team in dynasty leagues, but it's usually not more than 1 or 2 teams in any of DSE leagues
  7. You should check out dynastysportsempire.com They use Fantrax, they have several formats and they always have new leagues or you can buy an orphaned team at a discount. They use Slack for communication, which is nice.
  8. I have a draft on the 17th as well, but I'm available on the 18th or 19th. But I want to see the setting first if possible. stevenhiggs8@gmail.com
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