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  1. Awesome! League is closed now. Set at 12 teams. Draft Pick trading is now available so check your emails for announcements and get ready for the draft tonight at 8:30 p.m.
  2. Whiteside and Porzingis were selected. The Wizards and John Wall, the 76ers with Ben Simmons, and anyo other East team that's available you can choose from.
  3. Got another owner. Sent you an invite. Let me know which team and Keeper you want.
  4. Actually, based on the scoring system in the league, Whiteside and John Wall are your best bets.
  5. Ok. I'll add you to the waiting list. If jbedolla doesn't pick a team within the hour I'll send you an invite. Or, if you have a friend that wants to join I can make it a 12 team league and add you both.
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