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  1. 8 minutes ago, Willsea33 said:


    Against the Rays... I think he has a case for being unhappy with Quintana's lack of efficiency. 


    The Rays have scored the 10th most runs in baseball this season. I don't understand. Quintana has been awful, but has a good start against a top 10 offense tonight and you guys are complaining about his pitch count? 


    As a Quintana owner I'm encouraged by this start. 

  2. 21 hours ago, Heisenberg90 said:

    I'm still not worried. It's just frustrating. He had a 0 homer month last season also. 


    He was also ranked outside the top 100 last year, not what you want from a 5th round pick type guy. A repeat of last year is a cause to worry, not remain calm 

  3. 48 minutes ago, SwayzeExpress said:

    I think someone said it earlier, and I agree, he'll be no. 2 behind Altuve in 2B rankings.


    Agree he would easily be the #2 2B but wondering how this changes his overall ranking. Does he move ahead of guys like Machado, Bryant, Mookie? 

  4. 8 minutes ago, fingy said:
    Garrett Richards (biceps) is progressing in his recovery but still hasn't been cleared to begin throwing.
    The Angels are still attempting to determine the cause for the weakness in Richards' biceps and are going to take every precaution with their prized right-hander. There's currently no timetable for his potential return to the Halos. Apr 21 - 7:53 PM
    Not sure if I should still be waiting on this guy... 

    I was on the "top much upside to drop" train for a while but changed my mind yesterday. There's no timetable and my DL is full.


    Unless you're in a deep league, he'll be there if you want him back 

  5. Signed up to post about Warren as well, glad someone else noticed.


    It looks like a he was a decent reliever from 13-14, a decent reliever/starter in 15, and a bad 2nd half reliever with the cubs last year after a good 1st half with the Yankees. He's back to the Yankees now. His career numbers are ok...3.58 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, 7.6 K/9, 3.1 BB/9.


    Both Yankees starters were pulled early this year, and he came in a pitched 2.1 innings in both games. I'll keep a close eye to see if they use him like the Astros use Devenski, but not ready to pounce yet.

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