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  1. I would throw him and Sanchez back in the pool honestly, today’s news sounds awful
  2. And boy does it smell glorious 🤣
  3. I think this guy secretly wants the 5 pick and is just lowballing you to see if he can get something extra out of it. Hail fire makes a good point
  4. I would wait for a Hoskins/Mancini type around pick 100
  5. Franmil, Adell, Gallen, Mercado, Hiura, Alvarez, Bellinger are all must keeps. The 8th spot is a bit trickier but I think I give the edge to Strasburg slightly over Albies. He could be your ace and you would have the potential to keep him two more years if you wanted to.
  6. This is true. It’s closer than I originally thought. It kinda sucks that you’re losing out in the second round too with this deal being that you’re essentially also trading the 20th pick for the 24th pick which could be huge too. Get him to swap your 8th with his 10th round to make this a fairer deal
  7. There’s always someone you rank higher that will slip a few rounds so it won’t be as big of a gap. For example, I have Jorge Polanco ranked just barely outside my Top 100 (110), and Benintendi at 100. There’s a lot of variance when it comes to the 80-150 range IMO
  8. The jump from Betts to Acuña/Yelich/Trout is huge IMO
  9. I would keep Tucker at $8, and save the $40. You might even be able to get Freeman for $40 or less in the draft so you’d essentially be keeping Tucker for free
  10. Anybody else? Like somebody on the cheap?
  11. Ooh just thought of a good one I’m not sure if anyone else has come up with.... Hits from DeJong
  12. Caleb and Nick Anderson for Chapman is a steal
  13. Anyone you could keep instead of Freddie? That’s way too much for him IMO
  14. You’re Such Adell The Great Aristides Berti and Ernie Lux Lugo I Don’t Puk With You Don’t Bichette Me Can Bangin’
  15. If I can’t get one of Trout Cole Verlander Bregman JRam Devers JDM Tuve Rendon Meadows or Gleyber then I keep Mondesi You know Rush would tell him to keep the bat lol
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