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  1. what???? FG projects Sano to be in the low to mid .240s and Olson to be in the low .250s Why in the world would you project over a 30 point average advantage?
  2. As @BostonCajun mentioned in our draft room chat, I got a great value with Nelson Cruz at pick 84. In a league that has two UTIL spots, he's much more valuable. In a league that has only one UTIL spot I think I may have let him slip even further than that since I have glaring needs at OF and SP. We slept on Hader too who just got drafted at 88(!)
  3. Fantasypros ADP. Yes Fantrax has him 45th in ADP. NFBC has him 58th, ESPN, Yahoo, and RealTime Sports have him 69, 71, and 66 respectively for an average of 64. Bogey didn't go 34-39 but he easily could've and had you took Bogey 33, you would've been left with a much better chance of getting Olson at 40. Not a big deal because this is a mock. But in a big money league it could cost you.
  4. Based on the last 3 years, he really could hit a ton of bombs this year. 40+ is a real possibility. It does also feel that he got a bit lucky to hit .267 last year (his BABIPs even in the minors were usually below .300, K rate went up, BB rate went down). And then there's the fact that we only have a sss in '17, a full season of pretty crappiness in '18, and last year to base all this on. Too many question marks for me to want to jump his ADP by 3 rounds and take him with my 3rd pick.
  5. SP and your starting offense are very strong for a 12 teamer. BA could be a slight issue, but you should finish Top 4 in all the other 4 cats if the injury bug doesn't hit you. Since you said "be brutal" I'm going to go ahead and say your bench and your relief pitchers suck 😝 In all honesty though this is a very good team and you know that.
  6. 2018 he laid a dud too but ‘17 extrapolated he would’ve hit 38-39 bombs over 162 and ‘19 he was on pace to go over 50. I think the average could be anywhere from a .265-295 (more likely on the higher end of that though) but I think it’s safe to say if he plays 140+ games he’s likely to hit close to if not over 40 bombs. All depending on if the ball is juiced again this year of course lol
  7. Since you’re getting the best player in the deal by far, I would go for it.
  8. @2ndCitySox I didn’t notice until just now that you took Corbin with your 3rd round pick. He normally goes 4th/5th or later, what do you think we can expect from him this year?
  9. Guy mashed last year whilst healthy. He’s not going to steal much and prob won’t hit over .285-.290ish, but 40+ bombs and great counting stats are pretty much a lock if he doesn’t miss 40 games this year. Possible 2nd round value that you can get in the late 3rd. Where’s everyone else feel comfortable pouncing on him?
  10. I think he could go for 38-40 dingers. I don’t think anyone would be mad if they took him in the 15-20 range and he replicated last year either.
  11. He always tells people to keep/take hitters over pitchers regardless of who they are
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