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  1. Can't argue with you really on either point. Banking on huge upside out of these two. Don't feel terrible about either of their floors though. And where these two are rather risky picks, I think Albies and Harper are rather safe picks to balance my team out a bit.
  2. @Cheppy you're OTC, @Members_Only_76 on deck
  3. Trade number two for me. Trade 3 is lateral and trade 1 for me is also lateral but sounds like would put you in a bind.
  4. 1-10 JRam - thought about going Story here but didn’t want to risk losing José in the next 4 picks. I’ve gotten JRam on all 5 of my money leagues (2nd round in all of them). This mock has more sharps in it than any money league I’ve done though so I thought it was very probable had I took Story in the first that JRam would’ve been taken by the time my 2-15 pick came around. Think there’s a very good chance JRam puts up top 5 numbers this year in avg AND obp leagues. 2-15 Harper - BC took Story so I felt that Bryce was the best OBP option on the board at this time and didn’t feel li
  5. Alright enough is enough, this guy deserves a thread. I mean for God-sakes he broke the rookie record for most HRs in a season. He plays for the Mets so that automatically makes him a risk for getting injured. Where's everyone targeting this dad-bod stud?
  6. I have those two really close but with your staff I think I would want a Cease type. Riskier than Wood but you have a lot of safe SP to balance it out
  7. I’d hold tight. Montas should beast this year
  8. @Cheppy in about 5 mins you'll be up
  9. I’m no Mariners expert, but my buddy who’s a huge fan has Ichiro in over ARod and gives an honorable mention to King Felix
  10. Derek Jeter Mariano Rivera Andy Pettitte This 4th spot has me torn up inside (really wanna go Don Mattingly) but I'm gonna give it to Bernie Williams.
  11. YU... I'd even keep him over Robles and Glasnow, he's gonna ball out this year
  12. Because of your need, yes you make this deal.
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