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  1. Thanks again @tonycpsu and @BostonCajun... Looks like you'll start us off in 15 mins @evillaw4eva followed by @mavsfan23 and then @Dark Kn19ht!
  2. Villar $5??? Olson $20??? Robert at $11 and Moose at 5??? Wow those are STEALS... they must've been bid on after everyone blew all their money, huh? I think you overbid on Morton but got great deals on JDM, Woodruff, and Darvish. Even punting saves (which I never really recommend to do), this should be a great team.
  3. I think Murphy and Madrigal are a little risky as starters but you're deep for a 13-man league everywhere else. Buehler and Strasburg is an elite 1-2 punch and your outfield is stacked. Edman and Donaldson as your MI and CI... very strong. You might be a touch light on Steals but besides that this team is money.
  4. Love the JRam pick to start it off... Marte at 23 in this style keeper league is solid as well. Great value with Clevinger at 38, Bichette at 89, and Danny Santana at 220. I think you jumped on Lucchesi and Keller a little too early at 201 and 229 and I think Bummer and Cabrera can be safely dropped for something better that’s on the wire. Overall though this is a pretty solid squad all-around. A little thin pitching-wise but you will work the wire and compete. Thanks for mine
  5. Standard 12-Team 5x5 H2H C - Narvaez 1B - Bellinger 2B - Albies 3B - JRam SS - Bichette OF- Harper, Laureano, Reyes UT - Sano, McMahon Bench - Avisail, J. Davis, Cron SP - Syndergaard, Glasnow, Luzardo (RP), Lynn, Maeda, Paxton, James, Houser RP - LeClerc, Watson I know I whiffed on starting pitching early but I made up for it with some depth later on. Will work the wire and pick up closers since everybody snatched them up early.
  6. @dfstout we still need one more, you down? Nothing better than mocking to get some practice!
  7. Darvish at 90 and Villar at 101? Wow, great value there. I agree with @Richard Kimble though, you look a little light on power. Maybe flip Andrus and Brantley for a power bat? I would aim for someone like Sano and a piece back.
  8. I think I would've gone a touch over $40 to get JRam in a shallow AL-Only league. Besides that though you did well. I love Franmil at $11, Luzardo, E-Rod and Lynn at great values too. Great job snagging 3 closers too. I don't think your IF is that weak for an 8-team AL-only I think it's about average. OF and pitching well above-average though to make up for it. Nice draft.
  9. I think your self-analysis was spot on. Don't beat yourself up too much though, you still drafted and kept a really solid squad.
  10. Is this a redraft or a keeper? If it's a redraft, no need to IL Sale just drop him. Is that Hendriks* the closer? I like this team a lot. A lot of stars on offense and solid starting pitching. If I nitpicked I would say you should have one more bench bat but really this team looks outstanding.
  11. Offense and SP are super strong. Maybe flip a bat for a closer?
  12. Solid. I would pick up JDavis and drop Mallex if I were you.
  13. Yes. You still have a stranglehold on SBs with Villar, Acuna, Lindor, Tatis, etc. This gives you more power and you’ll be getting back some steals with JRam. Also love getting Nick Anderson for Gallegos. I’d do it
  14. Advantage to whoever gets Ketel which seems like it would be you. I’d do it
  15. You would be getting Soler right? I like that
  16. Like it a lot besides Solak as your starting 3B and your bench is a little thin IMO. Strong starting staff, not terrible RP and an above average lineup. You should compete
  17. Well my vote is 1C, 5 OF, CI, MI, 9 P spots and a 6 man bench. Just as @BostonCajun had originally suggested
  18. 2 more! If this starts today I’m gonna be so stoked!!!
  19. I like it. I’m also high on a lot of the guys you took (JRam, Marte, Cruz, Gray, A.Rosario, Lynn, Avisail) Should be competitive.
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