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  1. JWil with a 1-2-3 lockdown conversion with 2 Ks in their day game... He's quietly put together his best week in a long time and is quieting his critics in the process.
  2. ^^ This, as well. I prefer owning him in H2H over Roto, as long as you can change your lineups dail y. Having the option to play him or bench him towards the end of the week is way more valuable than having to stomach him on an everyday basis. Based on my opponent in H2H, I sometimes sit him to start the week and then don't wind up needing to use him at all, depending on how the offensive categories shake out.
  3. Last update I can find on him says he "could be activated Friday"... It would be nice to know if this will be the case
  4. Are people that mad about this outing?? So he gave up a couple hits and runs in the 9th inning. That's a hell of a lot better than what he's been doing over the last month or so. Such a solid performance by the young king, I'll take a 2.08 era and a 0.81 whip added to my ratios over 8 2/3 any day. 7 Ks and a win ain't too shabby either. - A Happy Mike Fulmer Owner
  5. Yahoo says his next start is next week Tuesday vs HOU then Sunday @ WAS. Was considering selling him high right now and banking on him having two rough outings then being able to grab him off the wire again but I'll def hold if he is @ OAK- where did you see this?
  6. Was hoping he was due for some positive regression but it looks ugly folks. BABIP for the year- .367 HR/FB - In line with his usual yearly avg. K% - Bad BB% - Bad *Before last night's walk he went 11 straight games without a walk *7/13 over the last 3 games (all singles btw) but in the 4 games prior he went 0/16 with 10 Ks *Hitting an enormous amount of GBs (>63% this year compared to 53% the previous two years) *FB% is on the decline for the 5th straight year I was thinking, how is it possible that his home slugging %
  7. I'm stacked in the OF and 1B on both my teams, but I would love it if he played a few games at 3rd. (Bour, Reynolds, EE, Duda owner) Hmm, I'm not sure it works like that lol... I'm benching him tonight, but I would love to see him bust out of his little mini-slump he's in
  8. I was thinking those were great odds but I don't see it. I know it's irrelevant but I used over 10% of my FAAB on him the day I found out he got called up and now even though I'm in a deep bench 12-teamer I have to drop him.... it sucks but there's just no room for him without an injury or a trade.
  9. Anyone know if he tested his hammy yet and if he did how that might've went?
  10. On point as usual, great call @Cmilne23.... this guy has singlehandedly turned both both of my teams' abysmal performances today into very respectable ones. 2 bombs and 6 RBIs so far tonight. Love having Cano Edwin and Dickerson on my two squads.
  11. Definitely this summer's scorching substitute* (*AL-only leagues only)
  12. Just grabbed him yesterday as a plug-in for my Roto team because I have so few games played at C and he's immediately paying dividends to the squad. I remember hearing a lot of pre-draft hype about him, but he really seems to be hitting his stride lately. With the extreme amount of suckage at catcher this year, I wouldn't at all be shocked if he was top 5 ROS at the position.
  13. Yeah this^^^... I have plenty of other pitchers and hitters just itching to be awarded one of my coveted DL spots if I dropped King Felix and I could grab a player who's actually active.
  14. Grab him if you still can. Still very underrated for a guy with 15/30 potential who's only gonna get better.
  15. Any brave souls out there who are starting him tonight like I am? I know it's a SSS but in 45 PA, PIT batters in the starting lineup tonight are 8/45 with only 1 extra base hit (a double) and only 1 walk vs Julio lifetime. McCutchen has excellent career numbers but is getting the night off and that Pirate lineup does not scare me one bit. I promised myself to bench him this start but after seeing the combined career slash of .185/.200/.205 I'm taking the chance and starting him in my 12-team roto.
  16. I retract my previous statement about Dickerson's power capabilities... this man is dialed in and hitting bomb after bomb and multi-bomb games. Total beast.
  17. I remember a couple years back when a couple writers were saying he could legit win a batting title and not just because he played half his games in Coors Field. I think he's definitely more suited in the 3 spot in that lineup but I don't know if he'll be able to keep this kind of pace with the homeruns. (I hope he will though because he's on both my fantasy teams)
  18. I'm intrigued... Looks like he will have an opportunity to see a lot of good pitches and score a lot of runs hitting towards the top of that order
  19. Me too. But I'm benching him tonight in my 12-team 5X5 roto league. I need to see him throw multiple good outings in a row and find him in a favorable matchup before I start him again. Ratios can't take the hit right now.
  20. On April 5th I sent Thames and Matz for Paxton and Dickerson in my $150 12 team 5x5 Roto and the same day I picked up Thames off the FA pool for free in my other league which is a $100 12 team 5x5 H2H in which I had drafted Paxton in. It's super early of course but I'm in 1st place in both leagues
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