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  1. Looks good, love the Clevinger/Darvish combo and Morton as your number 3 is money. Love me some Nick Anderson this year I’m sure you’ll work the wire to pick up more closers.
  2. Side A - Gets Story and Meadows Side B - Gets Baez and JD Martinez WHIR
  3. 10-Team H2H 5x5 Standard C - Realmuto 1B - Bell 2B - Hiura 3B - JRam SS - Baez OF - Yelich, JDM, Brantley UT - A. Rosario, McMahon, DeJong Bench - Walker, Avisail, Cutch SP - Clevinger, Snell, Wheeler, Luzardo, Maeda, Urquidy, CMart RP - Hendriks, Neris, Kela, J. Jimenez As always, WHIR
  4. 10-man league 5x5 standard cats. $200 to playoff winner, $50 to best record. Filling up quick, let me know if you want in!
  5. Not great tbh... it’s a long season though work the wire and you can compete
  6. Need 6 more to fill the 12-man league draft starts at midnight EST
  7. He’s super serious. I have friends that share his sentiment. It’s dangerous
  8. Cruz, Goldy, Rosario/Olson (tie)
  9. I like option number two. Yes Yelich > Belli but not by the gap that Turner and Abreu make up being better than Freeman and Seager respectively
  10. Yessir take either deal and you’re coming out ahead
  11. That’s a little too deep, I would try 6 bench slots instead
  12. I think your lineup is solid but your rotation needs help... maybe trade a big bat for an SP1?
  13. Love all these, plus Heaney, Will Smith the closer, and Justin Upton.
  14. It's not an obsession lol... I just have him a little higher than most people on the forums I guess. FantasyPros best experts tend to agree with me!
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