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  1. Dumping Stanton and Robles. Yu should be going about 5 rounds earlier than Robles IMO
  2. What about Villar? Y’all really like Robert over him? That’s insane to me.
  3. Meadows Kershaw over KB and Castillo
  4. Who else can you keep besides Freeman? Way too much for him
  5. Bieber is a lock. I don’t know a good reason not to keep him. Hiura, Bellinger, Castillo, and Yelich are the other 4.
  6. Might Reach For - Franmil, McMahon, Wheeler, Maeda, Realmuto, Bichette, JRam, Hiura, Darvish, Kershaw, Vlad, Pham, Ozuna, Lynn, Sanó, Neris, Kela, CMart, Avisaíl, Cron, both Martes. Must-Haves - Acûna if I get the number 1 pick or he’s available at 2 or 3.
  7. This was a ton of fun, thanks for running it Tony. Wanted to do a little pick-by-pick analysis. 1/2 - Arenado and DeGrom would've been ideal, and had news come out about Verlander's lat strain a few days earlier I def would've steered clear of JV at the first turnaround. Prob would've gone Scherzer. 3/4 - Sniped again by BentonMcD. Really wanted Ketel here but I had to settle for Altuve. I prob could've waited and tried to snag Mondesi/Villar at the next go-around but I couldn't chance it. Arenado needed to be paired with an elite base-stealer so I jumped on Adalberto early. 5/6 - In retrospect I don't love my Goldschmidt pick here, I prob should've waited and took Bichette here and took Bell at the next turnaround. Realmuto to me though was a no-brainer. Lotta people love waiting on C, but I'd rather take the sure thing. Pencil him in for .275/80/20/80/6 and not have to deal with the headache that is the catcher position. 7/8 - Really surprised to see Pham so low on recent NFBC leagues ADP. The top experts at FP love him and so do I. Cruz simply should not have made it this far in a 2 Utility slot format, but I was really happy that he did! 9/10 - It was risky to ignore pitching for this long, but I was elated to have Wheeler still here. Would've loved to see Gray slip a little further here but Lynn isn't too bad here. Not amazing value from Lance here but I think he'll have a strong year. K/9 is super important to me in roto so I'd rather him than MadBum or Soroka despite the fact that those two's ratios MIGHT wind up being a little better this year. 11/12 - Franmil looks poised to have a big year. Needed an OF badly so I was happy he slipped this far to me. Lamet fit into what I wanted to do as far as high upside K's with passable ratios. 13/14 - Iglesias and Neris. Needed closers and these two were the best available. 15/16 - Decided Sale had become worth the risk at this point. DeJong high upside power bat to plug into my 2B/SS. Rest of draft- Cron's statcast stats are otherworldly and he'll get the opportunity to shine everyday in Detroit (albeit in a terrible lineup). Love me some Avisail in MIL this year. Paired him with Braun figuring at least one of them will start most days. Don't really love Melancon but I feel like he'll get a few SVs to start the year and then once he implodes I would work the wire. Great drafting with you guys, good luck this year!
  8. That’s very valuable info... Nevermind then!
  9. I’m not commish so I can’t really change anything about the league... sorry @McScarn as of now we’re drafting tomorrow 3/9 at 7 EST anyone who’s interested let me know or just join
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