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  1. Yes yes yes hurry up and accept
  2. Maybe y’all can meet somewhere in the middle of Stras and McNeil, who else ya got?
  3. Switching it to tomorrow night not enough signed up for tonight
  4. Switching to tomorrow night not enough signed up for tonight
  5. Nevermind we’re switching it to tomorrow only 2 out of 10 spots are full
  6. I’m throwing both Scherzer and Verlander back into the pool there’s no value there
  7. I think his average will take a hit but he’ll still return value with big homer and SBs totals
  8. Still need 8 to kick this thing off... would more people be interested if we drafted tomorrow night instead?
  9. Also of note there are 3 SP slots, 2 RP, and 4 P so one more SP slot than usual
  10. The biggest question for me is will that shoulder hold up while he’s continually diving head-first into 2nd and 3rd base.
  11. Yahoo league, 5x5 Standard Roto with BA and Wins $300 to winner, 1600 Max IP Drafts at 7 PM tonight, let’s get this thing full! https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/64535/invitation?key=3ddab3e65fb17f3e&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=8aaf3f85661971df
  12. Apparently Gregory Polanco and Michael Brantley had the same surgery and went on to have ineffective seasons afterwards according to the latest CBS Sports blurb on Mondesi. Also, it looks ominous that he will be ready for Opening Day at this point. I had him going at the end of the 3rd round, but I think he’d have to slip to the late 5th for me to feel good about taking him this year.
  13. Paddack. And the voting results are overwhelming. Last year was just the tip of the iceberg with the young stud.
  14. I’m super confused... isn’t the main objective to win now? I would make this deal in a heartbeat. If you aren’t crushing your league then you can deal Yelich at the ASB. Devers is a very good player but Yelich has proven that he is elite. I make this deal every time.
  15. He definitely could... I think 30-100 could easily happen with a .300 average
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