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  1. First off, it’s Paddack and the second round pick for Castillo not Castillo and a second round pick. Secondly, Paddack was rock solid for a rookie. Their FIPs are almost identical. And Paddack was a stud in the minors so idk how you can say their “track records” make it a no-brainer.
  2. Because of the extra year you can keep him, I like the Alvarez side
  3. Ugh. I really don't like Manaea but I think you have to keep him over Minor with their age gap. Murphy and Giles as well for me
  4. I'd pass. I like a 24 year old Paddack over 27 year old Castillo in a dynasty.
  5. I'd do it. Tatis has already proven he can do it at the big league level. Seems fair to me.
  6. Bull Dozier Show Me Your Tatis Ketel Corn Fried the Blackmon Pour some Soroka Air Yordan Yasmanian Devil
  7. Albies batted ball data was pretty weak last year. And the year before he had a lot of homers that were just barely homers. He could certainly make some improvements and hit 24 again if the ball isn’t as juiced as last year. But I’d bet on more like 17-20.
  8. 5x5 Roto with BA and Wins. 11 Teamer. Must keep 3. Max (1st) Soto (2nd) Clevinger (5th) Vlad Jr (6th) Moncada (17th) Meadows (20th) I’m nearly positive about the 3 I’m keeping but I’d be interested to see what others think. WHIR 100%
  9. The days of him stealing bases are over, but this guy is an average and runs machine and he won’t hurt you in homers and rbis either. Typically going in the 3rd/early 4th... anyone see some value to be had here?
  10. How about hitting after Springer and before Bregman Brantley Alvarez? 😜
  11. Also... it doesn’t get better than hitting in front of Chavis? Talk about a homer lol
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