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  1. No player plays 162 games but we still use 162 averages because it is better than picking an arbitrary number like 156 or 149. Realmuto played 145 in 2019 without the benefit of a DH. Ramos has an injury history but if he stays healthy, with the benefit of a DH, it wouldn't be shocking if he played 150+ games. The point was he is a proven, productive hitter when he is in the lineup who has the side benefit of serving as a backup C if you have an elite C (obviously for most fantasy teams Ramos would be the sole C). If he is your primary C then it is a plus that he should, due to the DH option a
  2. Why are his minutes down so much? Is it just due to blowouts or are they phasing him out in advance of shutting him down as a tanking team?
  3. His per 162 averages from 2016-2021 are 61 runs, 24 HR, 91 RBI with a .290 BA and .342 OBP. Since he can DH in Detroit he should be playing every day and if he stays healthy it is reasonable that he finishes close to these numbers. This definitely is useful production but how useful would depend on your league, roster construction, etc. I am doing only one (points) league this year, since I had concerns about how corona would affect the season. It has 4 utility spots. I'll mainly use Ramos as a utility player but he also can serve as a C for days Realmuto is resting, allowing me to avoid
  4. So far, so good with him batting 6th. 3 for 6 with 2 doubles, a run, a RBI, and even a SB.
  5. Teoscar has tested positive for Covid-19. Will this affect him ROS? It seemed to hurt Moncada last year but was he an outlier?
  6. Makes sense. Hopefully it works--it is a shame we didn't get a chance to see him in his new spot tonight.
  7. Mountcastle demoted to 6th in the batting order after batting 4th hitherto. I am not sure why they made the move now. He was showing some signs of life of late. He hit a HR Friday and had a double Sunday. His replacement as the clean up hitter, Maikal Franco, is hitting .229 so he isn't exactly lighting it up himself.
  8. This was two months ago. What a disappointment AD has been. Hopefully he comes back this week in time for the fantasy playoffs at least--for teams that managed to survive his injury and poor play to make it.
  9. Teoscar added to the Covid-19 IL list. NBC SP blurb says he didn't test positive himself but was in contact with someone who did.
  10. Yeah, Olson is a proven player. He will rack up HR and RBI while doing little else--but you knew that when you drafted him. He is capable of monster power surges so his player card could change in a hurry.
  11. He is expected to return tomorrow.
  12. You can't make this level of idiocy up!
  13. Sitting for the second time in a week (both against a lefty). Is he a platoon player? I thought Ross would play him full-time?
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