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  1. He'll be on most of my teams this year. Even on a bad Royals team he should top 75RBI with a .250BA this year and get all the PA he wants as long as he's health. With an ADP of 180 I see him as some of the best value at the position going into drafts, and if I miss him I'll likely just play the wire.
  2. Hampson just stole 3B, no throw but it wouldn't have been close, he had the base already. I know it's one game but someone in this thread hit the nail on the head: You can drop this guy, but all it'll take is one game where he goes 2/4 with a HR and SB for him to be re-added in every league. Hold him as long as he's getting playing time (in front of Arenado no less). I'm not saying he's suddenly going to go crazy, but the guy we saw in spring training and in a small sample last season didn't just evaporate.
  3. Anyone know whats up with this guy this year? Just a slow start, or is there something we overlooked in the past about his game?
  4. Kind of? He was literally the only decent person left in the pen and they needed to get out of that bases loaded jam. Had the Orioles not put 5 runs on in the bottom of the 8th he was going to come back out, but they have some C-Tier guy out there now with an 8 run lead. Sucks that he doesn't get the save but I'm confident this was just the case of "bring in your 9th inning guy now because you have no choice". It'd be like if the A's brought Treinen in with 5 outs to go because they're in a jam and need him to clean it up.
  5. Givens was warming for the 9th but he's in with 1 out in the 8th because the last guy loaded the bases. They're probably going to see if he can get the 5 out save, like when they had him try and go 2 innings against the Yankees last week.
  6. Had a slow start to the season but has picked it up. 8 game hitting streak now and the power is coming out. Hitting behind Carpenter/Goldschmidt is going to make for a fantastic year for DeJong.
  7. Agreed. What I'm saying is that after giving 10 different pitchers an opportunity to close last season and all his other antics, expecting Kapler to make the correct move here is a bit too optimistic.
  8. I mean he's worth speculating with in larger leagues but as long as Kapler is at the helm you can't really rely on the best reliever getting most of the save opportunities, or any at all really. I'd like to actually see him used in the 9th first.
  9. I wouldn't bother, there are way better options to hold if you're prospecting for closers. Colome is a better pitcher than Herrera and the Sox seem pretty confident in him.
  10. Just adding to the above discussion here on Hader vs. Jeffress: We've seen journeyman RP fizzle out entirely after a great year so many times it's not even funny. It's entirely in the realm of possibility that Jeffress doesn't pitch like last year, and Hader ends up closing more games out this year. I think by seasons end both will end up with a similar number of saves. Disclaimer: I have no shares in Hader or Jeffress this year.
  11. Worth mentioning there was no chance of Givens throwing tonight after 80+ pitches on the weekend, so I'll hold my breath until Castro sees the 9th with both able to toss.
  12. Meh. Givens was pitching well, all really weak contact that his defense didn't play. Honestly I doubt anyone will consistently close for Baltimore.
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