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  1. Bingo!! That’s exactly why he didn’t make the roster right out the gate as well. Also, I think the “beyond-obvious” PED accusations are a little unjust. Just because a guy is yoked doesn’t just mean he’s on PEDs. These guys have access to world class nutritionists and physical trainers so a lot of them can gain muscle rather quickly, especially guys that usually don’t take care of their bodies or exercise. And besides that point, PEDs only make you stronger/stay healthier, they don’t help you hit a ball harder or miraculously improve your hand eye coordination. I’m not trying to codone th
  2. Depending on usage I suppose. An elite or top tier RP can you give you 4-5 shutout IP a week which can drastically improve ratios. Also, RPs can just as easily destroy your ratios with one bad outing. So going after subpar guys on a crappy team that are the closer or trusted to get holds is risky for that reason. That’s my two cents/strategical advice, but to each their own.
  3. I disagree. I don’t think it’s really one way or the other. MOST of the time the guy with the best skill set will be that guy that either closes it out or is put in there to hold a small lead. However, sometimes that guy with the best skill set is buried in the depth chart or hasn’t established himself in the bigs enough to have his managers trust. So really there is a timing aspect in there as well. But if you’re speculating for the next great holds/saves guys, then you should absolutely be looking at skill set/advanced metrics.
  4. He’s done this the last two seasons.. looks like he finally put it all together BUT then SIKE! Gets me every time😢
  5. I believe a passed ball is technically considered an error so there ya have it. It’s not even up for debate that I’m holding. Like many have stated it was just a disastrous first inning/first few batters. After that he settled down. Pitch count was torched in the first already or he probably could’ve lasted another inning or 2. It’s important to stay patient in the beginning few weeks. Don’t want to drop the next breakout stud. Not comparing the two at all but just as an example, Corbin Burnes didn’t start his breakout last year until after a couple weeks, IIRC. Would’ve been devastating
  6. If that’s true and Tyler can start laying off/hitting breaking balls better... look out because he is breaking out this year. That’s been his biggest flaw in his game to date. I touted him last year early on because he looked so much better against breaking pitches in the beginning of the season. Can’t remember exactly what happened (maybe injury?) but it never amounted to much thereafter. If he’s taking the ball the other way and recognizing breaking balls more effectively I’m calling this as his breakout year. Massive power/speed potential, plus with a gold glove last year and with Fowler go
  7. Also is ranked in Fangraph’s top prospects at 118. Could be a riser this year and a nice sleeper prospect who can likely be had for free right now.
  8. Nick Solak breaks out and wins Batting Title and goes 20/20. Tyler O’Neill and Franchy Cordero break out and stay healthy to hit 30+ bombs each. Kevin Gausman enters elite territory and finishes as a finalist for NL cy young. Gio Urshela continues breakout and puts up a top 5 MVP season and is Yankees best player by years’ end. Rowdy Tellez continues last years mini breakout to hit .280+, 30 bombs, 100 RBI No batter hits 40 homeruns. 10+ pitchers are caught throughout the year using a foreign substance while pitching and are disciplined/suspended.
  9. For those mentioning that he walks a lot. Check his minor league numbers. Hes never had major issues with BB%. 1.62 per 9 his last year in minors. Improvements after his rookie year show him heading back to that level.
  10. Power breakout last year, as well as a 9.5% increase in K% but also a 5.4% increase in BB%. Contact rate plummeted to an uncharacteristic 74.4% from his typical 84ish%. Looks like he sold out for some power and could could also be chalked up to SSS. The big question is do the Reds platoon him? He has a career BA under .200 against lefties, but didn't hit them too porrly last year, still putting up a 140+ WRC (albeit in 41 PA). I wouldn't imagine they platoon him but they do seem to have 4 OFs for 3 spots with Castellanos, Senzel and Akiyama as the other 3. Aquino could even be tossed in as wel
  11. Love him this year. 80%+ contact rare with his hard hit%, avg EV, xBA, and xWOBA -all in the 80th percent tile or better... seems poised for a breakout if he’s allowed the ABs.
  12. Wanted to start this as a sequel to the 2019 thread “2019 ‘Deep’ Sleepers”. Feel free to Add any deep prospects throughout the year to this thread that haven’t really been mentioned elsewhere. Or are on few to zero lists. May take awhile to get this one going with no minor league season last year... however, here are a few I’ve stumbled across... -Brenton Doyle, OF - COL Great athletic build. Drafted out of DII college where hit dominated. If it were D1 he would probably have some more hype around him. Didn’t skip a beat and Hit like a madman and stuffed the stat sheet in professiona
  13. Depends on if the 2 games will impact them making playoffs or not. Being how close the race is, I’d say Most likely they will.
  14. 6 bombs in the last 7 games. Could be a power hitting breakout in the making. Had 36 hrs in just 98 games last year. It was in the PCL however. Expected stats practically match his output. I’d add now, question later.
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