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  1. Aranda is a good tout. I’m more curious on where you were able to find minor league xwOBA stats!🤔
  2. Drafted as a 2/way guy too. Last I heard they will keep him that way but easing him into just a position player/hitter for now. He’s definitely an intriguing name
  3. Something to see for sure… that’d be his 35.8!!!!% k-rate!🤢
  4. I don’t disagree, they should be taken care of at least to the extent of not being completely broke when they hang up their cleats. I think most teams nowadays at least take care of basic life needs like food and housing. At least what I’ve seen. I work at the kc/tx spring training facility (not directly for the teams) and they both have built or are building exclusive housing developments/living quarters for their players across the way from the stadium. And all meals are made for them at the clubhouse. It’s Good to see this kind of investment made Into their players
  5. Definitely did not click the link, You’re right. But I’m Not talking about anything other than minor league salary. I’m not saying they get paid well by any means but I’m saying that’s the risk they are taking to make it big time. And like you mentioned many of these guys do get paid an enormous signing bonus or at least a good chunk of change they can make last for a bit. But even those that get nothing for a bonus, They make the sacrifice. I don’t disagree with paying them a more reasonable pay that they can live off of, sure, but don’t forget with that $10-15k a season they do still get mea
  6. Yes, of course.. but I’m talking about even under the current CBA. I think the value of getting these prospects “feet wet” in the bigs is undervalued. Service clock or not.
  7. All this talk about trading before he moves out of Coors is definitely overthinking. The man is talented. Hell, he has a solid of chance of ending up in CIN and that ballpark is sandbox ballpark. He’ll be fine anywhere he goes.
  8. That’s part of the grind though! They are playing to become literal millionaires when they make it to the bigs. It’s Gotta take a little risk/sacrifice, especially when they are being paid to play a game
  9. You would think. I’m wondering when teams are going to see the value of getting guys like this and their other top spects major league experience BEFORE they are contending so that they can get acclimated when they do indeed start to contend.
  10. Nevermind.. now I find it after I post lol because of signing Springer
  11. Does anyone know why the Blue Jays didn’t have a 2nd round pick?🧐
  12. Very intriguing arm. I’m all in on him. Doesn’t have a pretty stat line today however..
  13. The Cardinals have done it again… they’ve traded Nogowski to the Pirates for cash. Going to be (possibly) yet another breakout guy they gave up on. Never gave him a real shot at anything even though he put up pretty solid numbers on the minors back in 2019. He was struggling this year at the surface although it appears to be the misfortunes of some bad luck (.234 BABIP). This guy hit 15 bombs, .883 OPS, and walked more than he struck out in his 2019 AAA season. Nothing unbelievable about the stats but walking more than striking out exemplifies his strong contact skills/plate disciple. And it
  14. He already did in the beginning of the year lol
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