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  1. Yeah boy! I was scoping the wire hard this morning.Now I can chill.
  2. Don't try to mentally run with Hurdle.In that way lies madness.
  3. I had him benched but put him in because Thor was dinged.
  4. I'm thinking that's it.The Mets lost all their equipment in the Maddoff thing.Then they ran out of bandaids.The last starw though was the last time they moved the fences in.They replaced the good dirt with new dirt that doesn't heal UCLs and stuff as well when rubbed on.
  5. 4 days,5 bags and the day is young.The boy is getting frisky.
  6. Oh man I'd love to see Dusty turn him loose after his RBI double.
  7. The Rockies always have to be the last ones to get their lineup in.It's like a staring contest before going into the dugout after the Anthem.I swear,they could be playing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and they'd still be the last ones.
  8. If you play in a shallow league where you don't need to take flyers on talent before the stat line shows.
  9. Time to get that Week 5 "Story Sucks because I didn't draft him" and "Story is great because I reached for him" dialog polished up and ready to go. "Trevor Story ran into a burning building and saved 5 kids,2 nuns and a puppy" "Yeah but he didn't put the fire out and clean up the mess" "But the puppy lived and sired a Saint Bernard that invented a time machine and went back and stopped Jesus from being crucified" "He left Barabbas hanging there instead of getting him home"
  10. At the plate he looks like he learned the ways of the Korean Ninja assassins.When he talks he sounds like a florist.Not at all what I expected,his glare is intimidating to watch on TV.I can't imagine having to pitch to the beast.
  11. J.D. Martinez: Martinez (foot) went 3-for-9 in an extended spring training game Friday, Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press reports. ********************** I dunno what he did today.He isn't at AAA Toledo and I can't find anything about Florida.
  12. There's my early round reach.With Kemp and my secret run weapon Ender I will conquer the world.
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