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  1. We don't need robot umps. We just need better human umps and a system for holding accountable those who are bad at their jobs. An umpire who makes a mistake like the one we saw in the Sox-Yankees game Sunday night should be stripped of home plate duty for a month or so. An umpire who doesn't show improvement month on month, same thing. Come to think of it, why do the umpires even rotate? Take the 30 best strike zone calling umpires and put them behind the plate every night. There's no reason a great umpire should be standing out at second base while Angel Hernandez ruins a game with his t
  2. Worried that with all the foul weather on the east coast, we're going to see pretty limited baseball through the weekend. Everything from Detroit eastward looks in jeopardy tonight, and entire weekend series in Boston, New York, and DC could be at risk.
  3. Team has been scuffling through weak offensive production with Yelich, Rendon, and Marte. Pitching keeping things competitive during most weekly matchups (H2H league). First Rendon comes back and starts hitting. News is Yelich to be activated soon. Marte making progress. Things looking good. Then, in a matter of three days 1. Dustin May done until 2023 2. Rendon out again after bashing a ball off his knee 3. Yelich out again, indefinitely this time. This season sucks.
  4. It's all about velocity. The emphasis on velocity means pitchers have to throw max effort all the time and you get the Dustin May situation regularly. On the hitting side, velocity makes injuries more likely from HBP situations. It also creates higher exit velocity on well struck balls, meaning more full stretch plays in the infield and outfield, more guys crashing into fences like Eloy, hitters bashing foul balls hard off their kneecaps like Yelich and now Rendon, etc. I don't see a solution other than front offices starting to realize that the velocity arms race comes with a ton of
  5. Yes, but only in week 1! He won that category for me the first week but pretty much hasn't stolen a bag since, since he's hardly been on base during that time.
  6. Yelich. K. Marte. Rendon. My top three hitters all hurt for most of the year so far. Conforto, Laureano, Swanson, and Dominic Smith, my mid round hitters, all woefully underperforming. Now Matt Olson, my only remaining healthy guy who's hitting at all, fouls a ball off his eye in batting practice and is headed for x-rays. Just unbelievable.
  7. Hard to steal bags if you never get on. What a bummer this guy has turned out to be after an amazing first week.
  8. It is pretty darn discouraging so far. I was very high on him coming into the season given his pedigree, lineup context, and 2020 results. So far he's a total bum.
  9. Pina will start day games and against all LHP, I predict. Luckily for Narvaez owners, the NL Central has very few LH starters. I'd guess something like 100-110 starts for Narvaez, assuming he stays healthy.
  10. The owners love expanded playoffs because they think they'll increase revenue and allow them to spend less on player salaries. Why would a mid or small market team spend the money required to build a 95 win team when an 85 win team will also put them in a crapshoot, best of three series? Why would they pay somebody like Anthony Rizzo the money he deserves when a guy like Eric Thames will play for 20% of the wages and get you 80% of the wins? Etc. This move would probably not hurt the earnings of the megastars, but it would be an enormous salary compressor for everybody else. From a f
  11. JFC. What a waste of a second round pick.
  12. Of your remaining options, I'd keep only Mercado for his SB upside. Schwarber and Moustakas should be cheaper at market value than at your current keeper values. Lynn is not worth much, and Dozier is a dime-a-dozen kind of player, almost completely interchangeable with the Justin Smoaks of the world who are always on the waiver wire.
  13. Are you really telling me not to keep Walker Buehler for $11? Hard to see any rationale for such a decision, but I appreciate the input.
  14. I'm with the consensus for Eloy. He's a more versatile player in my opinion - I'd choose him even if the costs were equal, which they aren't in your case.
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