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  1. couldn't agree more. In a perfect league every team keeps going until the end and that includes hitting the waiver wire. I prefer a rolling waiver wire where a team can hold on to a low waiver priority for weeks at a time, it's not reset every week to reflect the standings
  2. same here, and have an IR spot to keep him rostered and more important away from other contenders. Stuck with Jordy for now and am very unlikely to play him unless AR comes back. If he does then that might be a good option
  3. missed him, took the Brieda train to nowhere
  4. "I am a big fan of RotoWorld and often consult their forums when laboring over personnel decisions" Mike Mularkey The Tennessean 09/14/2017
  5. The Big Man is spinning in his grave knowing you used him in a Derrick Henry thread
  6. yeah, right there with the other bench players who aren't good enough to start right now
  7. if you're in a 12 team chances are you are keeping several flyers on your bench. Gallman, Foreman, Perine, McKinnon. I'll take Henry
  8. good stat. I like Henry as one of the top 2 or 3 handcuffs in the league. I couldn't pry him from his owner in a 10 team, can't believe he was waived in a 12 team. Pick him up faster than you would a drunk Lindsey Lohan at the bar...because someone else will if you won't
  9. someone dropped him in a 12 team? pick him up faster than a 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk then make a sacrifice to the fantasy gods thanking them for their kindness
  10. lucky enough to get him off WW, wasted high pick on the Crow but can't pull the trigger and drop him. My therapist says commitment issues.
  11. "in terms of trade value, I am considering offering him for Antonio Brown straight up" I think the AB owner will take that offer in seconds
  12. agree with you on that, you can't have enough RB's...conversely I try and find 3 solid WR's and run with them all year. I stash away RB's like a squirrel does nuts
  13. doubtful on the cut...and even if they did how long do you think he'd be out there before another team snags him, even a quality team like GB?
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