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  1. The Cubs are available. Leave email for league rules and more info. FAAB system, you own the rights to Cubs prospects.
  2. We currently have one team available in a 16 team free ESPN league. H2H each category. You have rights to the prospects attached to the namesake team. Cubs are the open team. We are looking for a solid and active owner, if you are going to bail in week don't waste my time please. Hit me up with your email and I will send the league rules.
  3. http://games.espn.com/flb/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=19642 http://games.espn.com/flb/leagueoffice?leagueId=19642 Try these two links. I've had some problems with them not working lately.
  4. Two possibly three teams available in a good solid free ESPN league. 16 team dynasty H2H each category. Easy to follow prospect rules 40 man roster. Leave your email if interested I will send you info. Looking for serious owners who will stay this is good league with solid active owners. White Sox, Cub and possibly the A's available.
  5. H2H categories scoring, 16 teams This is a good league that has good active owners and not a lot of turn over. We have a strict but easy to follow set of prospect rules to follow. The team available is the Cubs. The Cubs are good team that will be competitive. If you are interested in the team for the long haul leave your email and I will send you league and team info. If you are interested in taking a team then going MIA don't bother wasting my time.
  6. I have two available teams in our 16 team league. The Rangers and Nationals are available. This is a H2H league 40 keepers prospects of your namesake MLB team are your property. This is a very solid league that has very little turn over with active and dedicated owners. It is designed to mimic an MLB franchise. We have a solid set of prospect rules that are easy to follow. Leave your email and I will contact you with league and team settings. Looking for serious, active owners who want to stay awhile.
  7. This is a free 16 team dynasty league on ESPN. Looks like there will two available teams this year. This league was started in 2014 and has a group of very good, active owners with very little turn over. We have a strict but fairly easy set of prospect rules that everyone follows. Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals look to be available. I am interested in active owners who are serious about keeping the teams competitive. Leave an email and will contact you with more info on the league and the teams.
  8. jerrod315@yahoo.com im interested if teams are available.
  9. I'm interested. ESPN no IDP. PPR is ok. jerrod315@yahoo.com
  10. I've been looking for a league like this. I'm definitely interested if there are still openings. jerrod315@yahoo.com I can answer questions you might have about my activity level.
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