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  1. Winning roster QB- Tannehill WR- Diggs, Kirk, Perriman, John Brown RB-Connor, Mack, Lindsay, James White TE- Hollister, Goedert K-Lutz D/ST- 49ers Drafted roster QB- Goff WR-Mike Evans, Diggs, John Brown, Tyrell Williams, Sanu RB-Connor, Mack, Lindsay, James White, Hines TE- Njoku, Fant K-Lutz D/ST- Broncos, Texans Not a lot of changes to my team but some big ones. Adding Tannehill over Goff was a much needed improvement. I'd say Tannehill, 49ers D, and Perriman were my most crucial adds. Can't forget
  2. Tannehill. I mean I added the guy Week 13 and then started him week 14-16 where he went for 27, 24, and 23. I struggled with Qbs all year. I rotated between Goff, Carr, Rivers, Foles, and finally found a gem in Tannehill and he came up clutch for me every week. Without him I definitely don't win and probably would have lost in the first round.
  3. My first time winning the ship. I definitely didn't have the best team but I made some key adds. I lost my best players to injury but my guys stepped up big time down the stretch after I limped to the playoffs. I'd like to thank Ryan Tannehill, John Brown, Stefon Diggs, Marlon Mack, and Phillip Lindsay for stepping up after we lost Mike Evans and James Connor. Couldn't think of a better group of guys I'd rather have in the locker room. We're gonna celebrate this win but soon it's on to next year!!
  4. I'm up by 31 with my Diggs left vs his Boone, Jones, and Thielen
  5. I like Boyd. He's a good bet for 15-20 I think his floor is safer but Boone has a higher ceiling
  6. Its between Lockett and Parker. I think Parker has made himself a must start and the Seahawks are a run first offense limiting Lockett's volume.
  7. Lindsay coming off his worst week of the season but he has a better matchup. I think Washington could easily get more volume but I'm not sure if he'll do anything with it
  8. As of right now I’m starting the 49ers D tonight. They’ve been the best D behind the Pats all year but the Broncos have an excellent matchup on paper. Who should I go with?
  9. 12 man .5 ppr league QB- Tannehill WR- Diggs, Kirk, Perriman(I lost Mike Evans ) RB- Lindsay, Mack TE- Hollister Flex-Connor D/ST- 49ers Bench -James White, John Brown, Deandre Washington, Kerryon Johnson, Goedert, Jonnu Smith, KC D/ST, Denver D/ST Would you make any changes to my starting lineup? Currently thinking about putting Washington in over Lindsay but I feel like Lindsay is due for a big game. Also considering staring John Brown over Kirk. Same goes for Denver over 49ers D/ST.
  10. 49ers vs Rams(currently starting) Chiefs @ Bears Broncos vs Det Who ya got?
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