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  1. Nola still pitching. Not sure if he'll go ninth inning. Solid outting. Ump wasn't giving him inside of plate at all. Fastball spotted well. Curve looked really good again today. 8 IP, 4 HA, 2 BBI, 9 K 2 ER Keep the train going. Choo choo!
  2. I plugged him in my weekly league. Happy it paid off. I hadn't heard amy bad news about wrist. Should take 2-3 weeks before he starts getting fully comfy at plate again. Here is to hoping he can drive gaps as of now.
  3. Anyone ballsy enough to start him in weekly lineup leagues?
  4. Kansas City has nothing to lose with letting him run. I'm hoping it's a trend of things to come. If if he can just have another couple decent outings, I'll be happy. Full disclosure, he's been starting for me in my deep league. So I'm rooting for the kid.
  5. Posey can get the deal done by itself or 2nd round pick by itself. Not both.
  6. You are spoiled. Nola is a dynasty deep league guy for now. Shallow points leagues, not so much.
  7. I'll be playing him. Just a one start week for him anyway and rather roll dice on him.
  8. His velocity is up. Almost averaged 94 on his fastball. https://www.brooksbaseball.net/velo.php?player=605400&time=&startDate=03/30/2007&endDate=06/17/2017&s_type=2 Save the link, its awesome data if you ever want to dig deeper.
  9. I'm still laughing all the way to the bank with him. Got him two years ago for peanuts. Really paying off now.
  10. I was sitting at foul pole at Wrigley, definitely foul.
  11. Lot of sour people in this thread. If you drafted him in a redraft league expecting him to be top 20 this season, you should have curbed expectations a little bit. He's in the process of making that jump from I-have-good-stuff-but-not-consistant, to a good pitcher. Think of this season as McCullers season last season and you won't be disappointed. Next year is where I expect it to really all come together. Hes only 24, plenty of time. Maybe it all click this year. Just have to wait and see.
  12. Bought him hard this offseason. Traded away Donaldson for Lamb, McCullers and Carlos Martinez. Couldn't be happier. Fun kid to watch.
  13. Swanson has reached base safely in 20 out of last 21 games. He's now batting over .200. First time since beginning of April. His bat is catching up.
  14. Villar will be batting in the three spot today. Should be interesting to see how he does there. Expect a nice uptick in production.
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