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  1. Looking for a dynasty start-up ppr or .5 . no idp, no superflex ,semi-standard no crazy rules is what im looking for . ideally mfl, sleeper or espn but it does not matter. I have played dynasty for a long time im very active year round. please let me know if you have or know of anything. also if anyone is interested in starting a league id be in. thanks
  2. V3X we got i guy right before i saw your post my bad man will 100% let you know if someone else backs out thanks again
  3. PPR 1qb 2rb/wr 2 wr/te 1 te Free league. pick 7 team is on the clock please leave email if interested
  4. Sent ya an email. Interested as well. footballwookie5@yahoo.com
  5. Hey Id love to get on board. My hours are very flexible I can make the draft whenever.Very active owner in multiple dynasties love to pick this one up. footballwookie5@yahoo.com Thanks much
  6. footballwookie5@yahoo.com I know there are a few above me in the pecking order but im interested. Played dynasty for years as well lol competitive league is what im looking for iv been commish for years in keeper with some friends I cut a couple leagues this offseason due to league inactivity and want to pick up active and competitive league im an everyday fantasy player know all the college players literally all lol i fiend for college football
  7. tried to send email but it would not go through kept getting error
  8. Sounds good i want in. Experienced player year-long activity is ideal for me. Its been difficult finding an active league. footballwookie5@yahoo.com
  9. footballwookie5@yahoo.com interested in almost any format ideally no idp
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