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  1. I'm putting him in. He's not expected to be on a pitch count and facing the 2nd worst lineup in baseball against righties. If he gets rocked, so be it.
  2. Acuna should just be intentionally walked every single at bat no matter the situation.
  3. Well I mean of course we did. He's given us every reason to start him regardless of matchup. Oh well - hopefully he can settle down and limit the damage.
  4. Flaherty is gonna be over 70 pitches thru 3.
  5. I mean it’s C.J. Cron. You could drop him and probably get him back for free in a couple weeks if you want.
  6. You’re right. Although not sure if the injury changes anything. Looking forward to Tuesday.
  7. Why does she want you to take it apart lol? Thankfully my wife has never done anything like that.
  8. Yup we get a reboot before weekend games and I benched Laureano and Hiura. Adding insult to injury I started Robert who got postponed. Sigh
  9. Yup I agree. I’m in a QS league and I’m very concerned about this year. He’s dealing with an injury and pitch count. I don’t expect anything close to last year’s performance.
  10. Thanks to this site, I was able to draft Rogers with my last pick! 😃
  11. Does anyone know if Rogers is expected to be on a pitch count today (and for the foreseeable future)?
  12. This is true but it's also true that he's one of quite a few pitchers who have left the Pirates and instantly turned into an ace. Why can't the Pirates develop these guys? They suck. I'm sick to my stomach as a Pirates fan.
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