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  1. Thanks to this site, I was able to draft Rogers with my last pick! 😃
  2. Does anyone know if Rogers is expected to be on a pitch count today (and for the foreseeable future)?
  3. This is true but it's also true that he's one of quite a few pitchers who have left the Pirates and instantly turned into an ace. Why can't the Pirates develop these guys? They suck. I'm sick to my stomach as a Pirates fan.
  4. How could you not? He left the Pirates!
  5. Musgrove, Cole and Glasnow all are former Buccos. That’s so awesome! /signed hapless, pathetic Buccos fan
  6. In fairness, he was probably going to get pulled anyways.
  7. Senzel en fuego this week. Let’s give him the night off. That sounds about right.
  8. Yes I'm in the camp of second opinions are always bad. If the first opinion was favorable, why would there be a need to get a 2nd opinion? He was probably told that his career is over and is just looking to confirm that.
  9. Got out of the first without any damage but yeah this is not the guy from 2nd half of 2019 anymore. Ugh.
  10. The question is will he get his first hit of the season before he's sent down?
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